NELSON CINTRON JR Supports Residents' Wishes & Rights with ODOT Barrier Walls

Submitted by Nelson Cintron Jr on Tue, 08/04/2009 - 12:44.
I would like to take the time to give you my opinion on the noise barrier walls in Tremont and the West 25th & Denison Ave. areas. It is pretty clear to me in reading the blogs that residents that I have worked with in the past in Tremont- do not want to see walls installed in that neighborhood.
I have had many conversations with residents in the area of West 25th to Denison, while I have been listening to their concerns regarding the lack of representation they have received over the last four years. The majority of residents do not seem to be in favor of the walls either.
My family can relate to the effects of noise. I have lived right across the street from I-90, but with that in mind, we would not want to look at 16 foot walls that would imprison the community.

I promise no matter what our current elected officials' opinions are, that I will fight with the community against prison walls (ODOT barrier walls). I support the many ideas of new trees and landscaping to be installed. If elected I will help the Tremont community expose the neglect from ODOT with their maintenance concerns. I will stand with residents in Brooklyn Center and be proud to hold an American flag and fight for what we all deserve- which is respect from other politicians and bureaucrats.




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Primary Election Tuesday, Sept. 08, 2009

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Prison walls

 Nelson Cintron: Thank you for stating the obvious! We need bridges, not walls in our community. 

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