A New Mouse Trap - high rise design has potential - Absolute World Towers, Toronto

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 07/25/2012 - 22:26.

 I am always encouraged when I see a new variation on an old theme.   Just when you thought skyscraper design was a dead end, you look out of your car window and see that an architect (and a bunch of computers linked to fabricators) have come up with something new and intersting.  

These are the Absolute World Towers, just completed in Mississauga, Ontario - which is just west of Toronto.  

I'm not a vodka fan, but these towers are cool.

The structures are post tensioned concrete.  

The German scaffolding and forming company PERI provided the sophisticated self rising staging, wind walls, and forming.  YOu can see a report on the PERI web site here.



Image showing interior diagonal jacking equipment from PERI link above.  One floor was completed each week. 

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Facetious?! Skyscraper Mousetrap

Buster--you are being facetious, no.  The mousetrap reference is appropriate: