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There was an interesting meeting tonight at the Central Tremont Block Club.  The by-law committee reps. came to discuss proposed changes to the TWDC by-laws. 

First, no one can seem to answer the question as to whether there will be an amendment process as afforded by Robert's Rules at the special meeting.  My take, no amendment process -  no vote. 

Also, the new changes not so subtly shift all the power to those inside the organization - which they already have too much of. 

a proposed question to the committee is, "why the rush."  Why be in such a rush to push through a document that is still a work in progress and some of which they still don't have any ideas as to how an approach should be made.  No sin in saying we jumped the gun - let's take a step backwards and think some of this through a little more thoroughly. 

The Board of Directors are so unequally balanced and there needs to be a process in place that can and will insure a well rounded more diversified board.  Without a doubt, there needs to be minorities, long-timers, low income as well as an everyday common person or two.  People who actually know what is happening in this community.

We need accountability among the board.  Someone not afraid to call the Executive Director and his staff up to muster.  We need committees that can be represented by the membership and encourage the residents to participate and be sitting members of a committee with voting privileges.  Again, not leaving the decision making to two people and a staff member. 

How about  a set of by-laws which includes a "Bill of Rights" for the residents? 




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last night the TWDC Board President Tom Cook attended the OSS and put his two cents in about our group not wanting the TWDC by-law reps at our TWDC unaffiliated coalition.  But where was the Board Boss tonight?  If getting the by-laws passed was  so important to him , why did he not show up at his own block club to promote the changes?

Where is all this democracy and social equality they spew about?

Who handles Mittal monitoring and litigation for Tremont

I went to a meeting last night about litigation against Mittal, for those harmed by Mittal pollution (thanks for posting abut this, Guy!). I don't know of any more important issue for your community.

I'd like to call and join a special committee of NEO residents outraged by pollution in NEO and calling for a boycott of major polluters.

Who are the leaders of environmentalism in Tremont who may help?

What is the position of TWDC on Mittal, as TWDC puts people in harm's way if encouraging them to live, work and play in Tremont, with such a harmful pollution source so nearby?

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there's also a board member

who used to be, or is, employed by Ohio Citizens Action. i can't remember her name, and they don't list board members on their website - let alone minutes from their meetings - the last one posted is just shy of 2 years old.

god forbid they should let people know what is going on......

Norm.Everything that


Everything that happens in Tremont usually goes through the SII Development Director/Project Manager Sammy Catania and since he is promoting sustainability, perhaps he would be the one. 

I'd like to hear the answers to those questions myself.  You set this meeting up and I'll get some people there as well as cover it for the Plain Press.

I don't think TWDC has a committee to cover such important environmnetal issues?

As a matter of fact we were just discussing this last night - just what does the director and his staff actually do to earn the big bucks.  Do you know that the Executive Directors of these CDCs make much more than our councilmen and women?

I think that I will but this matter on the next agenda of the OSS - October 19, 2009, 6:00pm.


Saint Joe in Spin City

  Jerleen et al--call in today and put St. Joe on the spot.  He will be on WCPN at 9:00 a.m. this morning with his fellow sanitized saints--Rokakis, Cummins, Redfern, 1-866-578-0903 to get on the show.

Why is Rawson in the middle of all this?

My parents live in the poorly managed city of Shaker Heights and my kids were lead poisoned there. I do not consider Judy Rawson to have been a good Mayor of Shaker Heights, and consider her marriage to one of Jones Day's top lawyers a conflict of interest to her representing the interests of citizens - I contend her poor leadership of Shaker Heights is a significant factor in my children's lead poisoning, and I do not trust her in any way.


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Regarding Property Values in Shaker - They Are Poison

I do not believe the presence and danger of lead contamination in the majority of homes in Shaker Heights has been suitably addressed by the city government, making the community more dangerous than necessary or residents realize, and meaning property values are inflated. Most houses in Shaker Heights require significant lead remediation, at great cost, but residents largely are not aware of this.

Educate the residents of the risks of lead in older homes, and inspect for lead contamination, and force remediation at any cost to obtain occupancy permits, and the economics of Shaker Heights will begin to fall into proper order, and the community may become healthy. For now, most of the porperty is not worth what people pay for it, or what records show it is worth.

As Shaker Heights has extremely high taxes, and a health department, and inspects all property regularly for just about anything but lead contamination, it is clear there is intent to minimize public awareness of this great and present danger throughout the community.

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Conflicts of interest:  You

Conflicts of interest:  You will find plenty of that here in Tremont.  About the only thing for sure in this area is the tangled web of deceipt that's been going on for years.  The worst part about it is when people start asking question or want an explanation or just to be told what's going on, you quickly become labled an outsider - a trouble maker and those that think they sit in the royal seats want to yell at you - I think it's a mechanism they have practiced to scold you down. 

I ran into that last night when asking questions about the new by-law changes, I ask a question and all of a sudden it was as if someone had unleashed their service dog and I was in the wrong seat.  They bring these dam changes to the meetings at the last  minute and say we want your input - but as soon as you "put" your input in everybody gets defensive and starts squawking about how hard they've been working - even though I'm sure that's true - I will say it again, if they wanted instant approval, they shouldn't have ask anybody what they thought not to mention that voluntary community service for  the good of the people is unconditional.

Jason Beudert made an excellent point last night, all the TWDC committees that involve money, marketing, holdings, etc., are appointed by the board, yet another way of keeping vital information away from the membership at large. 

Tremont West Development is not like any other CDC.  Tremont West Development Corp. was created the people and the ultimate authority is the membership and the membership should be and have a more active role in a great deal of the decision makings.