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Examining the levels of mania in any environment require the examiner to fairly and reasonably evaluate the defining normal values of the environment and all the factors of the various participants. Failure to equitably balance the concepts can result in critical mistakes and disregard for the truth. In most cases, it requires a degree to make such a diagnosis. 

Somehow, along the way of life; it became "NORMAL" to accept corruption, to accept collusion, and to accept chronic violations against the public at large as okay. For those "normal" people that oversighted, accepted, colluded, and conspired to empower such injustices upon the public at large; this illegal way of life was considered "NORMAL." Interestingly enough; the result was the other population of citizens who were considered "ABNORMAL" for NOT accepting these ways of life. Interestingly enough,  the "abnormal" became the targets, the quotas, the stigmatized, and the violated by the allegedly "normal" people.

Understanding the idea of "normal" in correlation to degrees of attitudes, actions, and reactions is significant in labeling others. Too often, ineffective judges and often times congregative groups decide to "label" outsiders incorrectly and without regard for the value of "normal" used as a base to their assessment. If they are using terms of illegalness to base their "normal" standard; then how can they dare label any outsider as "abnormal"? What a cycle of insanity to justify such terms and labels...practically comical. 

The corruption in Cleveland, Ohio and nationally spread far and wide. You are either "connected" or you are not... You are either associated or you are not. You are either the giver or the recipient. 

I have loved listening to associates and retired players (in the corrupt world) outline how righteous Russo, Dimora, and all the rest of the indicted and convicted persons were in participating in the corruption schemes. As I see the blood pressure raise, the veins in necks pop out, and body language go into irate spasms as these "supporters" advocate that these people are all "normal" and "that everyone did it"......I feel no shame in being "abnormal". If the folks associated with this typical thinking wish to downplay, trivialize, or attempt to project their opinions on others -really do believe that the actions of these corrupt players are "justifiable"- then I simply must agree to disagree....

Sadly, agreeing to disagree has often come with retaliation, absurd intimidation, and threats. Wow, to think that these unethical conformists will cease at nothing to coerce others into believing that the "unacceptable" is "acceptable". Actually, it's all too intriguing. 

What is normal for you may not be normal for the next person. Projecting your judgments and labels on others is a delusion of granduer that should be addressed in consideration of the fact that you are far from a deity. Expecting others to accept illegal, unethical, and unacceptable social injustices as "normal" is a disgrace. Protecting the corrupt public servant players from the truth seeking public citizens is the ultimate dishonor. 



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