NOTES: CIA Interior Design senior thesis show a most insightful NEO arts event

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 12/18/2004 - 15:25.

The CIA Interior Design senior thesis show was a most insightful NEO arts exhibit. While 1300 Gallery is always a cool scene for highlighting NEO creativity, these works in progress need more than a night in the spotlights to promote the creative forces coming from this dynamic department of the CIA... these students do great work.

I heard this was an "interior design" student thesis show I expected to see tentative amateur designs for hip living rooms - perhaps some furniture concepts - and instead attendees were treated to three walls of masterful floor to ceiling schematics and free standing innovative visions for entire new worlds and environments - mostly designed to enhance life and the economy in our region - including a set for a film (or perhaps game) production, a redesign of the Cleveland lakefront around Edgewater Park, a Euro-roots-inspired community concept for Parma, a music practice, lesson, production and performance warehouse conversion, and even a complete redesign of the two
CIA sites and buildings where these students study today. There were other great concepts presented but they all melded on the packed walls into a blur of vibrant creative genius.

Congratulations to presenters Elisabeth Betzen, Dana Bohack, Patrick Finegan, Joshua Green, Samantha Hydrew, Otelia Jurca, Susanne Mueller, Joseph Stanley... promote yourselves, as this community needs your inspiration.

The innovative designer who brings us a new concept for the CIA sites, Joe Stanley, had the survival and success instincts to approach me, a complete stranger, and "sell" me on his concept and commitment to this region, and we, NEO, must do all we may to keep Joe and his fellow innovators here, where they studied and want to make a difference. I'm following-up with Joe and anyone else in the group who likes and helping them get their concepts and designs on-line and in the local and eternal global mindspace and development dialogue where they belong. The development of any of these thesis plans would dramatically improve the NEO scene and economy. Making sure all such genius is given proper presentation and traction will give such potentials the best chances of success.

Experts who presented at the recent, astounding CIA Design Conference and at the CIA/Case BizArt symposium made clear their successes resulted from proactive, innovative and ingenious marketing and communication, and the CIA and their students must take that advice and push the envelope to drive innovation in creative work and through professionalism and sophistication using
new media.

To grow our economy, NEO must better leverage our creative class - promote and embrace our talent at every level of development, in every field of creation - and we must develop a culture where creatives think and speak out in the community. While the thesis show was an inspiring exhibit and opportunity for students to share their accomplishments with friends and family, without ongoing visibility the outcomes have limited impact or potential to spread insight, nurture the creativity of others, establish relationships for students with employers or clients, and ideally help student projects become reality - take designs from paper to construction.

I'd love to see follow-up on these proposals - collaboration in feasibility assessments - read what local art critics, developers and designers think of the work - revisit the show and read the artists' concepts and statements and the feedback of their instructors and viewers - make sure Cleveland leaders, the Mayor, and Peter Lewis have a chance to see the potential of this community through some of NEO's most creative eyes.

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