Occupy Cleveland education - Affinity Groups as a means of non-violent petitioning

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 Image of group "Collateral Damage" from Wikipedia

This post in made in response to dw's suggestion to read the Occupy Cleveland forums about civil disobedience training.

I registered at the Occupy Cleveland web site and searched the forums for information regarding Non Violent (NV) civil disobedience - one link was to the wikipedia affinity group linked next to the image above.   

Meanwhile, in Cleveland:

Christmas decorations need to be hung in Public Square - so that's it for Occupy Cleveland - not enough space in Public Square for a combined celebration of  Christ's annual Commerce bash and Constitutionally Guaranteed Freedom of Speach.   Too crowded for free people AND decorations says Joe Marinucci, point man for the Downtown Cleveland Alliance.  Funny, I looked at the DCA's web site and couldn't find any news about the placement of XMAS DECORATIONS this week end...the webmaster must have been too busy to post the decorating event.    Roldo explains the background of the DCA at READ ROLDO.  Sounds like the DCA is a 1% type of organization. 

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The "Public" in Public Square does not include citizens who are homeless, does not include citizens who need a free meal, and does not include citizens who want to use the Public Space for free speach with blue tarps.


Move on Occupy Cleveland.....this is CLEVELAND'S PUBLIC SQUARE!

deja vu!

In Dirty Dealer 10.20.11 "Mark Lammon of the Downtown Alliance said it wasn't possible to share Public Square with Occupy Cleveland because higher voltage Christmas wiring is unsafe for demonstrators to be around."

Then the public can't go into Public Square either - way too dangerous - I'm getting electrocuted for Christmas!  


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FBI created "affinity group" and put them all in federal prison

 The federal prosecutor wanted 30+ years in the pen for the  purported head guy of the Entrap Occupy Cleveland Bridge Bombers - fortunately the judge went for 12 years - imho - should have been much less. 

All these folks needed social workers, not FBI entrapment.  

James Stevens, Connor's father (the dad of one of the folks) had it right when he announced:


"my son is guilty and so are you...the government is guilty. It's both your faults."


Destroying ourselves with our own paranoia. 

Not to mention the cost of encarceration.