Ohio Passenger Rail Social Networking Site

Submitted by jenita on Fri, 02/27/2009 - 18:48.

 All Aboard Ohio has just launched a social networking site, Ohio Passenger Rail. Join to: stay updated on the latest news, meet others who are interested in passenger rail and become a part of the grassroots movement to increase our transportation options.  


  Oh, you young things have me feeling soooo old!  If I have to figure out one more social networking thingie, I am going to explode...but I think


is more worthwhile than Twitter...Tim/Gloria what say you?!

apples, oranges, frameworks, verbiage

What's more worthwhile, a book or a movie?  (If you find yourself able to answer this at all, you're likely either librarian or a dimwit.)

Ning's a platform to create a site that incorporates social networking. And Twitter is, well... Twitter.

Some people use Drupal for the same thing as they use Ning.

Such as... you can make a site like this one with Ning.


You can make every Ning site with Drupal, but you can't make every Drupal site with Ning.

You can make Twitter with Drupal, and, probably make Ning too, but you can't make Twitter or Drupal with Ning... or much of anything with Twitter.


Lastly, you can Twitter about Drupal or Ning, but you can't Drupal or Ning about anything.

Just to clarify, Jeff

I hope you aren't relating librarians to dimwits . . .  


Absolutely not: dimwits would be the ones whose answer is "movies".

Librarians tend to be quite the opposite.


  Sorry...it's all good, right, JS?!  Are you saying Drupal rules?  (And, Jeff can call me a dimwit any day :)