Orange Colored Fiesta Ware

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 09/10/2009 - 11:55.

amazing similarity between orange in fiesta ware and orange in zinnia image jeff buster

Amazing similarity between orange in fiesta ware and orange in zinnia - perfectly the same at the handle.  Fresh flowers cut yesterday from Geauga County, Ohio.  What is this bouquet (minus vase) worth at market?

FiestaWare was developed by head designer Frederick Hurten Rhead and manufacatured beginning in the 1930  in southern Ohio by  the Homer Laughlin Company.  So, both today's flowers, and yesterday's beautiful (lead glazed) vase are MADE IN OHIO


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fiesta flowers

wouldn't the worth depend on the market? we were selling bouquets for 5 to 7 dollars depending on size at the inner city market. I'd rather have the vase.

How about at the Cleveland Clinic and UH?

We've proposed to grow flowers in areas where you can't grow safe food, and indoors, to supply the hospitals - those seem captive markets so what would this go for (without the vase) at a hospital?

How about in Crocker Park at the Farmers Market?

Zagara's at Valentine's Day?

Are there examples of urban local flowers entrepreneurs here and elsewhere making a killing, killing local urban flowers (or selling any local urban flower-related crops, plants, seeds, bulbs, etc)?

How have you done with selling flowers?

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 They seem to sell well if kept at a reasonable price, and $5-7 seemed to be ok for the foot traffic buyers. We have so many vacant lots that are unfit for food due to lead but would be wonderful for flowers. Seeds are cheap, especially if you save and share seeds from currents flowers. Many things keep these lots from being used. Some are: is it land bank, or in that nebulous gray area of going into, but not quite in the land-bank. Obtaining the free or low cost use of a rototilling, the labor to roto-till and smooth and layout the lot. Then there is water supply issues, though growing native species may help with that. There there is the vandalism, but I seen some projects where area teens got brought into it, the vandalism really dropped off. None of these are problems that can't be solved, but requires planning.

cleveland clinic and uh

more hospitals are not allowing fresh flowers (bugs in the electrical equipment). 

Restaurants and hotels

Some large commercial and institutional buyers and markets must still exist...

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Beautiful arrangement of

Beautiful arrangement of beautiful flowers.  Thanks for the pic. 

Colorfull things!

I have lots of seeds :) So many that a pair of yellow finches have taken up residency.  They have been here for the entire time I have, this is just pic of one, I could never get a photo of them they are very shy.   I catch them on the agreatuim all the time, I have a giant variety and it throws tons of seeds.    

Again not my photo, I have photos but never bothered to set up a remote place to store them. I was into raising Simese fighting fish for a while and have ton of pics, used a 35mm nikon with a macro lens, some of them are really striking.  The tripod helps, I now have an older model digtital SLR also a Nikon.    I hardly use it. 

Again, not mine but a good example of what I was raising, this is a Plakat it has shorter fins and they are more symetrical.   The color and fin variation are suprising and you can breed for that. 

I had a black fish with red, white and opaque it was the product of two red fish, a pair that I breed for the heck of it. That got me going so I just kept experimenting and buying more fish.   Then set up a web site and took pictures and it all lasted several years.   I have lots of pictures of fish, some are white some are yellow red   Some I imported from Thailand and paid way too much for.  

I like color, I like colorfull living things best? 

I have no fish now but am thinking about getting a pair of these koi swordtails and breeding them.

They are live bearers, easy to breed, the beta are bubble nest builders, the male takes the maternal role. Builds a nest, tends to the nest till the fry can swim, then you take him out. The fry get feed micro food, like white worm or vinegar ells or baby brine shrimp. Its entertaining to watch them mature.

This is a male, and a liare tail type. 

This is pair of similar type, they call them Sanshoku, they cross types and get different types.

Different types, like a black which has iredesecence in it, thats usually co-dominent and as red is usually dominent.  

These will cross breed with other species, like platies and the results are called variatus.

Like this sunset variatus.

This is being called a Panda Platy,

It has color loss and black, thats a phenotype or what is displayed, then understanding the genotype through selective breeding you can create different or new types. 

What model Nikon digital SLR?

 Hello Oengus, 

Let's get that Nikon thing going, is the battery still good? got the charger? what recording media does it use?

Color is a big joy, and clearly your interest in these amazingly colored fish shows you have an eye (and appreciation) for it. 

There is  great free image handling software on the web, like

Realneo needs more photo stringers - you could go get images of the Fulton Bridge which you reported about today.

I'd be glad to help.

best, jeffb

I like this too.  Keep

I like this too.  Keep posting the nice photos.  They are a nice diversion from the somethimes drab and distrubing problems that plague our environment.  The colors are brillant and the information about the photos give food for thought. 

Yep, Oengus, get that camera clicking.    You do have a good idea for color and beauty.

Color in nature is amazing.

The cameras fine, but it does need a new battery.

I can see me ridding around on this, with the camera in a pack, what do you think?

I do not like the colors on this one though....I do not like the orange sleeves on the suspension or the yellow, I would like it in all black!  

This is better:

I want a small eduro cycle to ride around on,  the differnce is price and then of course quality. The Yahmaha is very durable, not sure about the Zipstar. 

Then they sell this little 90CC one:

It's not an eduro, it's basically a moped. 

Then I think I should just get this...

It only 300cc but it's about $3500.00, I do not want to spend over $2,500.00 like to stay under $1500.00, that's about getting a 90cc moped and it drop shipped from china.   I really would like to be go over 30MPH...LOL  

If I can get the first zipstar which is only 150CC in Black or Silver I wil buy it, I think I can get it for less than $2,500.00 delivered.  


People take things too seriously, you cannot bully people to gain influence, it can have a counter effect. Its not that people are stupid, some are, but most are just sincere in that they are not interested. You have to be interested in something to gain knowledge.

I spent hours waiting for the first pair of Betas to breed. I did not want to miss it, they did and I watched the whole thing as the sun came up. The fish first instinct is to attack, and the male is very aggressive he takes chunks out the female fins. She hides and then approaches him, eventually it happened. He wraps himself around her and squeezes out the eggs. They both pass out each time, they float as the eggs slowly drift to the bottom. Then they come to and as if in a nervous panic swim as fast as they can to catch the eggs.

They carry the eggs to the nest and then spit them into it. In my pair, she would nipple on the males side as if to say lets go. I felt personality in them, all of them.





Uranium Oxide Glaze

A possibly interesting factoid ... As noted in the Wikipedia article, Fiestaware's orange/red color comes from uranium oxide. Orange/red Fiestaware is therefore radioactive, although generally considered safe for food consumption. More information here.

Correction: Uranium Oxide Glaze

I somehow messed up a link. The "here" link is actually here.


it doesn't matter. They are still so pretty. The new stuff just doesn't compare.

Uranium Oxide Glaze

 Didn't Fiestaware reissue their the stuff without the uranium? I love the old stuff but it is hard to find. The newer safer stuff just doesn't have the glow of the old stuff. I have a lot of old Homer Laughlin that probably is loaded with lead in the glaze, but it is so pretty to look at.