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to bad you lost

As for using this office over the week end it was closed. Peolpe should get there facts right before opening there mouths and taking pictures of other peoples kids and posting them on the internet where any pervert can take and do what ever they want with them.You must not have kids because you wouldn't have let anyone take pictures of them and put them on here.You really need to get a real life and stay out of other peoples lives.Also you need to take a good look at yourself..........You really need a whole body make over and lose  weight.If people would look at this picture they would see the door is closed not open.....GET A LIFE REBECCA YOU NEED ONE NOW LOSER.....................AND LEAVE OTHER PEOPLES KIDS ALONE THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU...................

Perverting Images


This discussion (about Mr. Santiago’s clearly improper re-election campaign use of his Council paid for City Council office) is not a discussion that I believe is strategically sensible to step into because passions are running pretty high and the dialogue has dipped below the civility threshold a few times – however – there has been one comment made in the thread, that, resting on it overnight, I believe needs further airing.  
That comment made by Realneo user desmond is: “
and taking pictures of other peoples kids and posting them on the internet where any pervert can take and do what ever they want with them. You must not have kids because you wouldn't have let anyone take pictures of them and put them on here”
I don’t understand this comment.   
I take a lot of photographs, and I am pretty sufficient with image manipulation (e.g. Photoshop) and I do not understand how photographs, such as Ms. Kempton’s of the campaigning grown ups and (campaigning) kids at the front door of the Santiago City Council office, can be taken by “any pervert” and have done “what ever they want with them”.
Whether or not one has children themselves, I don’t understand how such an image is dangerous or could lend itself to a “pervert’s” use.
Desmond, are you suggesting  that youth soccer teams should not place any team photos on the internet?  How about on line catalogues – like LLBean, which sell goods and use age appropriate models? 
Please explain what you had in mind…how is it dangerous to minors – or un-parent like - to place the in-public images of minors on the internet?   
What about an adult just looking at a kid in a public place….with no camera?




As for the pervert part anyone can print that picture and pass it around to anyone.AS for not having kids I ment I don't think she would have let them take pictures of there kids and put them on the internet.We did not use his office for campaiging at all anytime during the weekend we were just sitting out there with a table and the door was locked.If you look the door is shut you can see the address on it.If it was open you couldn't see the address.There was a camera involved and the pictures should not been taken ok other peoples kids for the purpose of 2 canidates going against each other that was really low of rebecca.What would she do if we took pictures of her kids and put them on here.As for the plain dealer they have to have permission from the family to take them and anyother.Anyone posting picture on the internet like soccer and even ll bean had to get permission from the parents to post them here.Orwhere ever on the internet.

hey desmond

 I was there when the office was OPEN and being used as a campaign site. In fact, in this picture the door is open. Between my eye witness of this, the pictures, and the re-elect signs, there is plenty for the commission to use in weighing campaign violation charges.

The campaign put the kids out front. They even dressed them in campaign tee shirts so they are made public by the campaign. You would not be complaining if the Plain Dealer shot photos of the cute kids wearing the shirts

I don't know who Rebecca supported. She has only said in this forum who she did not support, and apparently she had lots of company. 

Must not know much

 As far as using picture from events such as soccer, little league and countless others. They ALL have to have parental permission to do so. The excuse of accidental doesn't fly here they diliberatly took them with no reguard for the children. As for their shirts take a closer look they did not have Joe's shirts on and they were not part of any campaign they were simply there to meet the mayor.

She could have simple cropped them out of the picture and be done with it.

Can't wait to hear what the parents have to say when they find out these pictures were used without their permission.


 dude - know what you're talking about before you post this ridiculousness.


You go for it. You are so right she didn't have permission to take those pictures by anyone.I would sue them and take it all the way.I would never give my permission for anyone to take pictures of my children either.Take rebecca to court.

how about leaving it to the parents?

 If the parents want to use the legal system to address the photos, that is up to them. How can a pervert do anything with these photos?


You are right we are leaving it up yo the legal system.And I am family.

I am a witness too

I would sign a affidavit to the illegal campaigning out of a taxpayers paid office of Cleveland City Council, I also seen people coming and going. $400.00 a month for rent on each months council expense account.
If people are that stupid to put kids into a politically charged arena were people are campaigning so be it.
Anyway Councilman Santiago and Mayor Jackson should has some explaining to do.
Rebecca, you should find someone like Attorney Vince Gonzalez to file a complaint to the Ohio Elections board in Columbus on your behalf against Santiago and Mayor Jackson.
Put the pictures back up. Were any picking their noses?


You can do what ever you like they were not your kids and they were not campaigning they were there simpley to meet the mayor and give him there support.As for explaing they do not have anything to explain.As for puting the pictures back up that only causes more problems for her.Shes to late a file has been there............

Thanks Rebecca


Thanks for the pictures, I would send them to the Plain Dealer. The one with the picture of him picking his nose is priceless. Must be someone from the old boundary of Ward 14.