Pathetic = homo sapiens brain dead

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 08/06/2014 - 21:02.

 Fukushima nukes over topped by a sunami, Toledo over topped by algea, Atlanta by a 1/2inch of snow, polar bears smothered by me burning gas in my stupid Detroit car, and now Africa with ebola. 

The older I get the clearer my understanding is: humanity is stupid, aggressive, hatefull, and corporations love it. Down the tubes we go. 

Ebola on an air plane. 

When we had the black plague...was there any intercontinental travel?

We are total ignoramisus. 

btw, Le Bra is back to Cle!

good news, and 500 new jobs!


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Worlds' ebola response completely dunderheaded –and USA dumb too

When the man from Liberia went to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas suffering from what turned out to be ebola disease, he was given some antibiotic and sent back home. 
News sources wrote that this confused hospital response was caused by “dual workflows” in the hospital's computer records systems.    The nurse took in the information that the sick man had just come from Liberia where ebola is rampant – but her notes were not read/provided to the doctors team  immediately after the nurse inspected the patient.   Read more about this here at  Yahoo News.
That’s BS
I’ll bet the guy was sent home as soon as the hospital realized he wasn’t going to be able to pay the hospital.
But it gets worse:
Now we have a situation which is under the jurisdiction of the City of Dallas Health Department, the local Texas County Health Department, the State of Texas,  and the Federal Center for Disease Control, and the State of Texas Hazardous Materials transportation Department. 
Hundreds of tax paid bureaucrats funding their pensions without a clue.  
And to sterilize the site?   Well what's wrong with using the Cleaning Guys, an experienced team of ebola savvy locals.  
You can imagine how well these folks are going to handle the dangerous and potentially explosive disease spread situation.  
If the patient were a United Parcel Service package he would have been better off.    UPS has an organization which connects the dots and from which you – the customer – can get information about your package.    Why  aren’t our government bureaucracies organizationally non-redundant and information savy?
There is no need to worry, however.    Ebola requires intimate personal fluids contact.  
For example, in Spain where nurses treating an ebola patient used level 2 protective gear, they were all fine...
Oops, No, that's not correct. 
Don't panic.   We are prepared here in the USA.  For example, I was at a local hospital a month ago visiting my friend David, and I asked a nurse if the hospital staff had had any meetings to discuss a potential ebola outbreak.   No, she said...actually the nurse was unfamiliar that there already was an outbreak in Africa.
I recomment putting UPS in charge - worldwide. 
But I bet the US "Defense" Department  is interested....just imagin weaponized ebola sprayed from a drone!    

Peter Piot discusses 1976 discovery of ebola

 Here in The Guardian is an informative interview with the doctor who first discovered ebola.

The ebola in Cleveland, Ohio is guns

 Cleveland kills itself with guns almost every day.   Some days multiple times. 

Now in NYC newly elected Mayor DeBlasio has suspenced stop and frisk.  One of the main purposes of stop and frisk was to find guns.  Stop and frisk was challenged by many because it might be used in a discrimiatory manner, and because it interferred with persons' constitutional right to unimpeded movement. 

However,  when you think about it,  Stop and Frisk is not any different than screening US citizen passengers with a thermometer at Kennedy  JFK Airport.

What is sensible, reasonable, fair, constitutional for the greater good?    That's the goal for civilized persons....

Since it makes perfect sense to find potential international travelers who may be carrying ebola - doesn't it also make perfect sense to stop and frisk in Cleveland to find citizens who are carrying guns?   Guns kill so many more than than ebola... 

The NRA would advocate for guns that shoot out ebola virus....

and that's the problem in Cleveland and across the USA


Don't quarantine Dallas - just follow the protective protocols


This morning we read (link to ABC news) that Dallas, Texas has confirmed a second ebola infection.   "Did not follow safety protocols" - blame it on the victim -  is the explanation.     Like if you do follow some "protocol" you can be involved with an infected person and be fine.  

It doesn't take Einstein to recognize that this disease is spectacularly virulent.  

It doesn’t take Einstein to know that just taking off  clothing which is contaminated is spectacularly difficult to do without contacting a contaminated part of the protective garb.  When you work with roofing tar no matter how hard you try you get tar on yourself.

Let’s not take any radical steps and quarantine Dallas.