Payback: My heart and soul has been in all this work for two years, to make the Star Project a reality

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For you to say you never know what I am talking about is not very nice.


I would also like my 500 dollars paid back, you extracted from me over the past year.  I do care about you, but I need the cash.  Perhaps you'll get a finders fee for all

the great planning and work you've done.  But we need to talk about the intentional misdirections you gave me on the day of the Social Media Club event, 

to see Marc Canter's presentation on People Aggregator and Citizen Dashboard.   (Turn Right on East 30th?)  Where was that  coming from?   Will always care about you, Evelyn, and family.   So let's work this out.   Soon.  

One other thing.  I met with Mr. and Mrs. Williams before you had this big planning meeting.   I will meet with David Reed soon.   And I am entitled to a share of what happens with this plan and proposal if it does go forward.  I deserve that much.   I still have to ask, why did Evelyn send me an email calling me a traitor on Facebook?  Doesn't that stress someone

out?   Man,  I care a lot about you.  But I need some answers.  I put a LOT of work over the past two years on this Star Project work and all the meetings that went with it.

I just talked to Mrs. Williams yesterday at the Hough and she asked if I was still working with you, and said she will be following up with me on Tuesday,  due to a death in the

family.   Both She and Mr. Williams made it very clear that you hadn't been around for months to talk to either of them.   And  Abed at the market across the way is furious.


Many, many of the ideas in this plan are mine.    And you've done great work as well.   But you need to communicate better, and credit someone who has done quite a bit 

on all this work.   That would be me.   

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You have always been welcome

I'm not sure what pot at the end of what rainbow you are talking about but I've only offered my services to the initiative as a consultant going forward - I'm not in line for any compensation, don't have any deals, and don't expect anything. I donated any interest I may have had in to, which is owned by all members.

I just left the Hough Bakeries and everything is fine there and with the Williams. Tomorrow there is an open house for the public to see the site and plans we are submitting to the county... these are the plans of many other people, not myself. I don;t suggest you try to claim ownership of any of their plans, as you hardely know any of these people and I am comnfident you did not write their plans.

You have always been welcome in the planning of all this and remain so today, and tomorrow.

BTW, you owe me money for the cell phone I got for you a few years back - more than anything I may owe you... Evelyn will track down the old bill... I wasn't going to bother you about it, but...

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Regarding David Reed

Sadly, David Reed left Kent State University and Cleveland - he now lives far, far away...

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