Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 06/17/2009 - 14:49.

 Jon Kaplan is the first wind energy enthusiast in Cleveland to make sense in the 122 years since Charles Brush installed the world’s first wind driven electrical generator of Euclid Blvd.    Here is the site which shows the foundation construction for the coming Pearl turbine.

And Mr. Kaplan is doing it for a lot less than  The Cleveland Museum of Science – which spent more than a half million – much of it from the Cleveland Foundation,  for an eye candy turbine located in the doldrums of the arm pit of Brown’s stadium.  And   Dr. Rashidi is burning through about a million and a half of taxpayer federal earmark money to put up what amounts to a CSU Fenn Engineering embarrassment  visible for all to see as they queue their cars in afternoon rush hour traffic on the onramp to I90 west bound.   And Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason and the Wind Energy Task Force has used County employment time and a million dollars of our tax money to create a fantastical 80 million dollar plan for a few megawatts of wind turbines "about 3 miles out in Lake Erie of of Cleveland" - which he forgot to explain in the report is unbuildable because there is no marine construction equipment on the Great Lakes, or able to get up the Seaway, which can install the turbine foundations or nacelles or blades.   Minor detail.
It took some guy from a junk yard to finally do it right. And for using a recycled Vestas – one of the best turbines made. The foundation reinforcement and concrete placement was also done right
Hat’s off to Mr. Kaplan and Pearl Road Auto Parts and Wrecking for showing NEO how it ought to be done.  
Thanks to Susan Miller for the tip to the Pearl site.


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