Please Help Me Spend Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on/in Cleveland. Featuring Ivan Schwarz & Larry Meistrich

Submitted by Cat-Strat on Thu, 10/02/2008 - 14:14.
10/31/2008 - 14:30


Now includes SEX in the CITY producer Antonia Ellis too.

Also extending 2 for 1 pricing if purchase on-line in-advance.

This is going to be one heckofa (meaningful) limited-space interactive round-table conversation with two gents who have a bold (and real, serious, practical) vision to build an in-digenous & in-genious film industry here (and potentially spend 100's-of-Millions-of-Dollars doing it)
Hire local people. Jazz-up Cleveland. Import $$$ (soon). Spin-off economic activity. A balance chat about the possibilities and the pitfalls.

Founder & Chairman
NEHST studios - New York, New York

NEHST has a funded $250M project slate
+ is interested in creating a production center in Cleveland

Executive Director
Greater Cleveland Film Commission

Ivan & his team are the conduit to NEHST (and others) when it comes to the possibility of
film producers doing-their-thing *here* in a sustainable way

SEX and the CITY

* Be part of a Lively Convo. Learn about the Topic.
* Open-up to New Ideas. Be Part of the Possibility.
* Make Cool Connections. Have Fun.


The event will be a platform for discussion & exploration; so you're aware of this possibility... can ask some questions... and offer input & ideas...

--> important DISCLAIMER:
We know, we know:... With the Election, the Financial Melt-Down...
and the World about to come to an END... you're probably asking yourself:
"Self: How the heck can I afford to spend the time on something like this right now!?"

Good Question.

In our view:
No better time than now to help maybe-possibly bring 100's-of-Millions-of-Dollars to Cleveland!

* 2:30 PM Register & Refresh
* 3 to 5 PM Convo Commences, food & wine samples.
* 5 PM + Refresh/Connect/Social, food & wine samples.
* 6 PM + = Cash Bar

2-for-1 if you register on-line prior.
**Limited Space - Will cap/close when at capacity**

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20 clams doesn't sound too bad, especially if that counts two-for-one by registering before October 7th. I hope that CIA and CWRU figures somewhere in this program as they plan to develop a film program and degree..

Film Event new Date = 10-31, also; your comment


My guess it's you. Hope all's well.

Thanks for your comments. Good point on CIA and CWRU. We've tried to spread-the-word as best we can. Anyone you think should be there? Let us know. And, too, consider yourself our guest + anyone you think must be there. Otherwise; we've extended the 2 for 1 for all on-line paid registrations prior to the event. New date = 10-31. Convo 3 to 5. Social 5 PM+.

Take care,
Craig & Sue James

Plain talk for the slow ...

Two guys want to have some kind of "open" discussion Oct. 15th from 5:30 to 9:pm about film industry possibilities in Cleveland. Open invite, but first come first served. One big question WHERE IS IT GOING TO BE HELD? Doesn't sound like a phone conference or other cyber-type meet-up. Sounds like an actual face-to-face meeting among real people in a real place.

Re: Film event, your comments. New date = Oct 31

Hey KMaCK!

Responding to your comment from earlier this month. New date, BTW = Oct 31. Convo 3 to 5. Social 5pm +.

Going to keep this as open as-possible, as we're focused on being a platform for interesting topics & ideas. Should be an interesting, lively conversation. Sorry the info was note clear enough. This will be at The Club at Key Center.

If you want to attend; you'll be our guest. Just let us know... email cjames [at] cat-strat [dot] com

Take care,
Craig & Sue James

Good point

  KMaCK.  We have the technology.  Libraries and schools across NEO could really make this an OPEN event.  We can do better.  Do you want interaction and feedback?  Bring the people to you. 

BTW, the event is being held at Key Center ( the legacy of Dick Jacobs big you know what).

(To be fair, the nominal fee and the first-come-first served approach are a marketing ploy to insure attendance. I give them credit for that approach :)

good points

Thanks for the thoughts, both of you. We're open to all/any ideas on how to do cool interaction and feedback.

The Club at Key Center... Well, that's based on our many years of doing things there. Nothing to do with Dick Jacobs (just for the record) Itz just that Sue & I have been involved there for a number of years... and the venue works. Good people. Good service.

Yeah, we admit it... we're trying many approaches to make it make-sense for folks to attend; and cover our costs along the way, as best we can...

Hope to see either/both of you on Oct 31. Just let us know via cjames [at] cat-strat [dot] com

All the best,
Craig & Sue


  Craig & Sue--good to see you here at RealNEO.


And, thanks for the invite.  Like most people, I can't guarantee my attendance any where these is happening so fast.  But, I assume anyone can pay at the door? 

FILM as media is more powerful than ever.  Cleveland is fortunate to have some very creative film presence as writers, designers and animators that work from here in the industry.  I hope that your event generates the kind of energy that will put Cleveland on the map.   I am just a nobody when it comes to the media, but I hope that your group will recognize the somebodys we do have here and not just fall for the same old crowd.

 Meanwhile, let me plug the Obama message that will run Wednesday, 10/29 from 8:00-8:30 Eastern time.  If you have undecided friends, please encourage them to watch the program, which essentially is an infomercial.   We need great communication.  I will be watching tonight to see just how well Obama uses the media to convey his message.  Of course, I have been generally impressed, but sometimes politicians don't realize how they can be misused by the media.  I think that Obama has demonstrated an admirable talent in his use of the media.  Although, there are some serious tranparency issues that I would still like to see addressed--i.e. Wall Street influence.