POWER TO THE PEOPLE...KEEP DISRUPTING CORRUPTION.....EXPOSE IT ALL! (Or just keep paying those pensions of the corrupt!)

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sun, 04/14/2013 - 01:21.

Thank you PD for your article about Prosecutor McGinty going after those corrupt jerks. It's kind of skewed reporting to make the points stated in the article; almost like a notice for McGinty to back off. As a citizen---I find it pathetic that any reporter would undermine the idea of recapitulating public coffers which are being paid out to corrupt assholes. You should be commending and saluting the public officials trying to have the backbone to go after the corrupt! So...keep up the great reporting. We salute any and all efforts by our public leadership to right the wrongs of the past and present and prevent others from thinking that they can continue to get away with them in the future. Thanks a million! http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2013/04/cuyahoga_county_prosecu... angelnward14 1) PENSIONS: Yes, go after them all. (As for welfare costs vs Pensions...the difference is their high and mighty standard of living & attitude....let them grovel in welfare lines, be humbled at the food banks, and learn what poverty is like. Their smug condescending mafia attitudes need readjusted and the people deserve social justice at large!) 2) City of Cleveland.............no pending investigations there for the FBI. Okay..? .... 3) Land Bank----NO OVERSIGHT THERE via the local leadership...and that'll never be prosecuted either----James Rokakis has a brother in the Federal District Attorney office....boy oh boy....isn't that convenient..? White collar criminals at their best... 4) POLITICAL RETALIATION: Look---all these political jerks who were corrupt in their seats in the past are associated with countless NOT FOR PROFITS locally and they play politics on the little people who need assistance in our town. Their games continue uninterrupted. 5) FBI & COUNTY PROSECUTOR....Keep up the efforts on behalf of the public at large who has been violated for generations by this "CORRUPT ATTITUDE!" The disgraceful undermining of an entire public at large by these jerks has cut the fabric of democracy to the bone. People do appreciate your efforts--but they remain in fear to speak up...cannot lose those public jobs at public entities....the secrets and truths remain out there...the people are still afraid....empower them to keep speaking up until there is no need to dig through their spider webs of deceit, lies, and fraud upon the public at large! Let them all know that they are a disgrace to society. Make them pay it all back. I'd like to see the way that some of these City and County judges talk at street criminals during sentencing to occur with these white collar punks....treat them like garbage and put them on the hot seat until our county is reimbursed for the costs and damages they left behind in their tsunami of corruption. Got to love it.............. BTW: Remember the service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that these corrupt public servants could devaluate the constitution of the USA! Rip these jerks to shreds on behalf of the public at large! GOD BLESS THE USA!

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