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(update: mary ramey said debbie webb is lying and never spoke to her or family and mary wants her name used in any posts by guy - also webb is lying about the hard core porn - sophia and guy) I know how upset you were when Norm called you out on e-mailing the hardcore porn = agent provocateur

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Hey, Guy, I really think that you should not have the name of the family on the internet. Tremont is a small community, and this girl should not have this rape become her identity, and some teens kill themselves over internet postings.
I know how upset you were when Norm called you out on e-mailing the hardcore porn.

I am sure that you would not like to have that out there on the internet.

Your call.


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The Ramey family
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Now that I know you are a troll I need to review all your work - all your stupid diversions of attention from Mittal and MCCO and helping Frank Giglio to bullshit like this - I don't know how you live with yourself

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Guy have you been sending porn to members?

Guy have you been sending porn to members?

What laws would that break?

What laws do you break posting these complete articles that are copyrighted to others?

Why are you breaking laws here?

Why does the Board allow it - it's your necks on the line, Busters, not mine... you certainly know what is going down

Disrupt IT

Yes you did send porn to a member...

Yes you did send porn to a member... and seem to have done many bad things in your life, and no real good.

Perfect troll candidate. Perfect pervert cell.

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Guy T Black e-mails porn but outs rape survivor


This whole rape thing is all over the community. When people ask how was a family outed, I copied and sent the posting.

The girl survived rape. Now a different social rape is happening as a results of this public posting.

I e-mailed realneo asking that the family name be redacted; just the name. No response.

 I e-mailed Guy T Black, and asked him to remove it. I even reminded him of how appalled he was when he was outed for e-mailing hard core pornography to others.
No response.

I talked to the family yesterday. I listened as the survivor talked about her hopes for a better life.

Society is cruel to victims of rape. That is why responsible journalist do not release their names. The fact that this is a minor makes this whole thing worse.

She is going to have to leave the neighborhood to survive the social rape if she wants a real future.

Before you all go off and castigate me for posting this,  know that nothing that you can say or do can cause me anymore pain than looking into the face of this young child, and knowing the injustice done to her, by the physical rapist, and the social rape that goes on and on.

It sickens me to know that the author of this posting is also the distributor of hard core porn. If others don't get the irony here, well, that is even more sickening.



From the victim that received porn from Guy T Black

I had referred to the victim as anonymous.  I am the person that took it to Norm, and she spoke up to the group, including Norm.

A part of her e-mail to a group discussion of this:


"He did send another realneo user (who wishes to remain anonymous) some hard-core porn via e-mail a few weeks ago."
 Anonymous is ME!
I have backed away from Guy.   He will call on occassion, but I just brush him off.........  I was warned, but had to learn the hard way.


But the real questions here are

Why did the admin of fail to redact the name of the family? Is ramping up dramatic readership that important?

And, for Guy T Black, why damage this fragile family??? They never received any donations of any kind as a result of your post. They have received great, unending heartache as a result of your post.




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