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Proposed  Futurehome of: Gernaga  Sculpture Garden & OutsiderArt

Visionary opportunity to utilize our property across from Saint Cantius on Professor  & College, for a beautiful year round greenspace. A monthly rotation of outdoor sculptors & integrated gardens, right in the heart of Tremont!

A collaborative effort of Cleveland artists, local garden clubs, businesses  & community residents creating a sustainable, green &  carbon neutral greenscape destination for all to benefit.

We welcome & encourage you to be part of or add your voice in support of this community venture by emailing us...gernagasculpturegarden [at] gmail [dot] com

The Gernaga Family

much love, prayers and concern for the Chiplis family and Jeff

On the day when important Tremont sculptor and active citizen Jeff Chiplis was shot in his neighborhood of Tremont he loves, and is in critical condition at Metro, it seems fitting to start a community sculpture garden in Tremont - perhaps our collective energy toward Jeff''s positive dreams and vision for Cleveland will bring miracles - much love, prayers and concern for the Chiplis family and Jeff.

I strongly support anything that brings free public art to Tremont and I strongly support all I know of this effort of the Gernaga family

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I hope that tremontsoul

I hope that tremontsoul doesn't mind my spilling the beans but a small group of us garden ladies will be kicking  off the plans for this coming attraction by hosting a small tea party on the garden grounds.  

This nostalgic event, high tea hats and all will be no less that an exibition of etiquette, gracious hospitality and charming tete-a-tete over finger sized cucumber sandwiches and soothing aromatic tea.

Tremontsouls has designed an elegant leaflet for us to hand out and we'll also be accepting signatures in support of such a grand and generous gesture on behalf of the Gernaga family.

This is what this community should be about I am so looking forward to seeing it materialize.  No one could have picked a more perfect spot.

Currently, I am composing a contact list that will be forwarded to Mr. Gernaga to be utilized at his discretion. 

The afternoon tea will take place on the Gernaga property across from St. John Cantius Church and hopefully, weather permitting, will be seated for the next art walk.

It was planned for today, however, due to the extreme heat some of the ladies thought it would be too much, myself included. 



 This is approx. half of the proposed property location

tea with big hats

I am looking forward to this. Lemon balm tea! Maybe bee balm too!  

I'm excited and the tea

I'm excited and the tea sounds fabulous. 

Just in case anybody is wondering,   dwebb and I have a new club.  "The Morning Glory Tea Ladies Club"  Our mission is to stake out a nice spot, serve up some delicious tea, little finger sandwiches and some tantalizing tete-a-tete.

Our first such outing is scheduled to take place during the next Tremont art walk.  At that time, we will be handing out flyers formally announcing the proposed plans to create a rotating sculpture garden on Professor Avenue - across from St. John Cantius Church. 

This property is so generously been offered as a designated spot for year round outdoor art exhibits in a serene whorl of flowers, foilage plants, herbs, etc.  Since this will be a no-charge exhibit, everyone on the community will be afforded the privilege of enjoying the scenery as well as the sculptures. 

Tremontsoul has a vision of this being a "community" project.  With everyone interested having a part in creating this space.  It is a great idea for bringing  ALL the residents together.  I don't see the Councilman nor TWDC saying no to this project, it be paramount to cutting their own legs off about the knees.

"The Morning Glory Ladies Club"  is looking forward to making our debut and putting forth our best etiquette, gracious hospitality and charming conversation. 

A Tea Party hat is a requirement - gloves are optional.


Remember all the fuss made



Remember all the fuss made about tremontsoul's property being unmowed and unmaintained. 

Take a walk through these knee-high grass and weeds in front of Dante's parking lot on Professor and you could end up with some chiggers.  Where's Sammy at with his camera?

tea in the lot

The Morning Glory Ladies Tea Club will kick off the first tea party Friday, July 9th, in the lot owned by tremontsoul and family. Jerleen and I will be there with information on the proposed sculpture park, tea sandwiches, and of course, tea. The Art Walk is from 6 to 10 pm, and weather permitting, Jerleen and I will be at the property during a part of this. If you are interested in attending, just check back here in the afternoon on Friday. Currently, rain is forecast, but this is Cleveland, and the forecast changes every hour. 

That's right.  Hopefully

That's right.  Hopefully the rain will hold off for a little while. 

let it rain

 all day till 5 PM. I think that I have lost some cucumbers plants even though I watered; they look pretty far gone. 

Unless it is actively raining from 6 to 8, come visit the Morning Glory Ladies. 

tea and rain don't mix

so we delicate southern ladies are postponing our kickoff. Fortunately, the neighborhood had lots of opportunities for future events.

Shooting details

Until we learn more about the shooting and get some investigation by the police, we won't know who to blame for this incident. 

And for the sake of Tremont commerce, I will reassure everyone not familiar with Tremont, that Pat's in the Flats is not an ARTWALK the suburbanites, who traffic the high-end eateries in Tremont should not feel they are endangered...not. 

If Jeff was shot as he walked up the West 3rd St./Jefferson hill (to his house) --he was not in the trendy part of Tremont.  So what?

I still contend that there should be an increased police or private security presence on Artwalk nights and other high trafficked special events in Tremont.  It's a no-brainer.

Keep us posted on Jeff's recovery - he has lots of friends here

I lived in New Orleans and there are so many cool places where you absolutely put your life in danger visiting and living there, you learn to always be on guard - watch every way - avoid people - same living in East Cleveland and going where I go in Cleveland - it is a dangerous place right now.

Keep us posted on Jeff's recovery - he has lots of friends here.

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since this seems to have moved "up"

I'll repost from below:

this wasn't an "artwalk" spot - it was just outside Pat's in the Flats. So even if the security around "Tremont" was beefed up for artwalk, they probably wouldn't have been patrolling down there. Pat's has been around forever and attracts underground muscians and artists. Jeff has been going there as long as I can remember and he probably didn't hesitate to walk up the hill to home because although the hill is always desolate, its always desolate. anyone looking to mug a "well-heeled" Tremont tourist would NOT go looking around Pat's - trust me. In fact the bastards are lucky they didn't get themselves killed.

Also, I was wrong, Jeff is not out of ICU, he is preparing for surgery. But, his "vitals" have stabilized. You can keep up to date and leave him a message here:

addendum - i used to ride my bike up that hill every night around 10:30pm (its a steep hill - someone running could have gone faster - but i figured i could always do a sharp turn and ride back down) when I had no car and I worked downtown at OCA. Its desolate and spooky, but I never saw another soul. And there's the big fancy pants townhomes with all their scenic view window walls right there. I've also walked the walk from Pat's plenty of times. Jeff had every sense to walk up that hill. No one would mug someone on that hill - no one has any fucking money. We are not the richer fucking tourists. Sorry, but I'm a little annoyed at the "blame the victim" statements about "what was he doing?" Especially that one by that stupid gallery owner (the twiddle dee dum sparkles and rhinestone place next to the cookie and cupcake).

The shooting doesn't make sense there... Up the hill, on one of the back streets, ok..  Jeff's judgement was not erroneous.

update from the Chiplis Care Page

Sunday, June 13, 2010 6:22 PM, EDT

All of you on Team Chiplis, you are brilliant!  All of that love and positive thought you're sending is reaching Jeff and Cynthia, by the truckload.  It's reaching the expert hands of his surgeon too.  Jeff's surgery went smoothly this afternoon.

The Doctor gave him a positive post-op report.  He is back in the ICU recuperating now.  The next important phase is healing with no infection.  The Doctor treating Jeff is great and she said "this is not a sprint, it's a marathon."  So let's keep up the great work with good thoughts, prayers and love.  It appears to be working very well so far! 

The great comments from everyone in the guest book are so welcome and so therapuetic for Jeff and Cynthia.  Thank you!

good Jeff Chiplis news

"the doctor has given the OK for visitors.  The sign entering the floor where he is located says “2 visitors at a time”.  I don’t know if they will enforce this but you’ve been warned!  Visiting hours are 10.30 to 2.30 and 4.30 to 8.30."

It goes on to say he is very tired, but it definitely sounds like he is doing very well!

more good Jeff Chiplis news

yea! He's out of the hospital. here's something from off the Caring Bridge site:

"If you would like to volunteer to cook a meal for Jeff and Cynthia over the coming few weeks, please contact Ruthie at  We'll collect the names of anyone interested and send you a list of dietary requirements and a schedule so you can pick a day or two over the coming few weeks to share your culinary skills."

It's true that Pat's is a

It's true that Pat's is a short walk ( about 3 min.) down over the hill and not considered within the trendy Tremont boundaries,  the chatter circulating among some of the residents is that this is only the beginning of their fears becoming a reality.  Since Jeff apparently walked to and was walking back, he could have easily been followed and the culprits laid in wait.  Of course, this is only speculation but none the less, just the the thought of one of our own being shot on a night when so many strangers and locals were milling the streets and sidewalks, is enough to get people on edge.

It wasn't that long ago when a robber with a gun was paying a visit to Ty-Fun and with the police chase that ensued in trying to catch the guy, had that happened on an art walk night, it's not too far reaching to imagine how many would have been hurt or maybe even killed.

Over the past few weeks, there has been some rebellious activity on West 6th street involving guns.  The Commander sent a car down there for several days keeping  things under control.  Eventually, they took two of them to jail. 



but that doesn't make sense...

because its usually like 2 - 5 bucks to get in and they sell Pabst for $2.50... no one rich goes there... and Jeff isn't rich...

I think it had more to do with random senseless violence that could have happened anywhere.

and while I agree that Cimperman has to get off his fatter ass and get real security in Tremont (including keeping the drunken fricking tourists in control I'd like to sleep through the night on weekends once before we move - just ONCE - ok???) this really has nothing to do with nothing.

to say this mugging has anything to do with Tremont's need for drunk tourist control and better enforcement of laws and zoning is disingenuous and subject to failure.

Pat's and Tremont Artwalk

for what it's worth. Pat's has participated in ArtWalk, held fundraisers for Artwalk and is a great friend and supporter of the folks at Artwalk.  ask Pat yourself.

secondly businesses have hired off duty police for security during the monthly Artwalks.  there have been three go arounds on that, but yes there is nothing being done right now.

would be fantastic if there were some place, some forum where an honest and open discussion could be had of the facts.   

the reasons the security ends up ceasing usually has to do with some businesses getting the benefit and others paying in and never seeing a cop.

the infighting, finger pointing and blame games seem to preclude changing any of this.  now a good friend of all has been seriously injured.

 and still the finger pointing and blame games.  the media was trying to make this about Pat's for example.  she is a good and intelligent woman who handled the media well on Saturday when many showed up at Pat's to show support.  

peace - prayers for Jeff's speedy recovery and that no one here at Realneo is ever subjected to a senseless violent crime like that.

take care




There are a few gunshot victims on realNEO

There are a few gunshot victims on realNEO that I know of.

The crime stat reporting system DBRA posted a link to says it all - -  police reports everywhere in the country - I spent an hour just scanning across neighborhoods - Tremont is about the same as my part of East Cleveland and University Circle - West Side west of W25th and Glenville around Superior/St.Clair/E105 are some of the roughest areas... and are areas I am most cautious. The Flats and area by Pats is not a high crime area - neither is my most immediate neighborhood - but anything can happen anywhere... my house was broken into with a baseball bat and a truck was robbed in my driveway

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and to add, she has been a

and to add, she has been a business owner in the community for a long time.  Unless they get some serious security patrol, they're wasting their money anyway.   The two keystone cops that hang around the Tree House and claim to be there to walk the distance between several of the bars, are often spotted standing around with their hands in their pockets - people run stop signs, block the intersection, walk around with open containers and these guys won't offer to step in.  They're too busy eating pizza or hamming it up with the patrons milling about.  I was under the impression that a cop was a cop regardless.

I agree with bj she's been a supporter of this community for a long time those that patronize her establishment feel at home when they go there.  Maybe it's because they don't have to put on "heirs." 

This was a horrible crime and there is absolutly no blame that can be placed on Jeff or Pat's.  The important thing now is to keep best wishes and prayers going out for Jeff and his wife and catching the shooter.



Pat is Tremont Gold...

Pat is Tremont Gold...

Pats is one of the coolest spots in the world

Pats is one of the coolest spots in the world - it is a place to seek out

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At least, when she hosts an

At least, when she hosts an event, bar-b-que, etc., she sets a table for everyone.  She put out plates and if the homeless show up, they're just as welcome to eat as everyone else.   That is a true neighbor - and a business owners who extends a hand.  Kudos for Pat's in the Flats!!

At least, when she hosts an

Sorry, I double posted,  Everyone have a wonderful day!

A very sad day

My thoughts and prayers go to Jeff and his family and friends. When I lived in Tremont I knew him well and considered him a great innovative and wonderful person.

Wishing him a speedy and full recovery

Bohdan gernaga

I was so saddened to hear

I was so saddened to hear about this.  I've known Jeff for what seems like forever.  He has always been a very polite soft spoken man.  Always respectful and with nothing but kind words for everybody. 

He's been a hands on participant in this community for I know more than 30 years.

I wish him the best and my thoughts and prayers are with Jeff and his family. 

Jeff is such a part of the best of Tremont

He is one of the ones that brought art to the area, and you are right, Jerleen, he is a gentle man.

Prayers and thoughts go out to Jeff, and his family. 

kind and corny

kind and corny and full of carrots.

god will speed a full recovery for Jeff, he's out of the ICU.

sculpture garden

A rotation sculpture garden is a wonderful thing to have in this space. This is a Cleveland wide concern, as Cleveland abounds with artists. This will be a huge, positive, draw to the area.

I was a project coordinator for the sculpture installation at Market Square Park.  (Tempus Pons). It was hard for people to think outside the box, but once the workshops were offered and people painted the tiles to represent their backgrounds and countries, enthusiasm grew. The sculpture remains, and it an important part of the West Side Market District. The park itself, is poorly maintained, and out of date, but the sculpture lives up to its name.

I so agree.  The year round

I so agree.  The year round use of the garden makes it even more exciting.  I'm sure living in Chicage, I'm sure that tremontsoul is familiar with the Flossmore Gardens.

My knowledge of art wouldn't fill a teaspoon.  I will say I would watch Bob Ross everytime he came on.  he would always talk about his "happy little accidents" and I loved watching him and his little pet squirrel.  

I can look at a dress, cut one out and sew it up but I can't draw a round circle.

When my son was small, 8 -10 years old, we both had easels, paints, brushes and the works.  In the winter we'd set our studio up in the basement and in the summer we'd take it outside.  We'd call ourself painting - make a mess and then critique each other's masterpieces.  It was such an enjoyable way for us to spend time together that I still have every painting. 

Some art I just don't understand - but in a garden setting I can really appreciate it - I don't know if that makes sense.

 In the meantime, knowing Ms. Gernaga and her family, not to mention tremontsoul's background, knowledge and experience,  he would be such an asset to have involved with this community.  I find him a genuine friendly and soft spoken gentleman.  The fact that he is from Tremont gives his entire concept more soul and from the heart.





How sad

These heartless crimes are occurring daily in Cleveland.

Good news on Jeff - what about suspects?

Jeff and Cindy are true Tremont.  He was one of the first people I met when I lived there in the nineties.  As Henry Senyak points out in today's article--this could have happened anywhere. 

(See comments :

The Plain Dealer's initial coverage indicated that the situation was much worse--and they should have printed a retraction that he was not shot in the head as they first posted. 

Overall, I am just grateful that Jeff will recover from this awful situation.  We also need to demand follow-up on the assailants.  I can't believe the Plain Dealer did not report on police follow-up to the crime. Are the suspects in custody?  What about a police presence...period? 

I will fault Councilman Cimperman for this security lapse.  He should know that events like Artwalk will attract well-heeled folks/easy prey, as well as predators and he should provide visible police patrol presence on these days, especially. 

I fully agree, something

I fully agree, something like this could happen any time and anywhere, however, opening up a community where thousands of strangers crown into the neighborhood creating a playing field and drastically uping the odds, basically inviting criminals into our world.

What I have heard and repeatedly been told is that people need to be more vigilant, keep an eye out for suspicious characters and activities.   With so many unknown people parking, walking our streets and patronizing the business sector, how does one determine who is a suspicious character or who is acting in a suspicious manner.

The criminals  could and most likely do patronize establishments for the sole purpose of targeting a potential victim for robbery, assault and even the taking of someone's life.  Our sidewalks are usually busy well after the bars close.  After a night of drinking people's awareness is down and they're ripe for the picking while getting back to their cars. 

Unless a criminal is off his game, high on drugs or drunk himself, I don't think they're going to walk up and down the streets advertising they have a gun or that they have a plan of attack.  Those that go in search for their parked cars in the wee hours of the morning and are inebriated might as well put a bull's eye on their back.

That the reason many residents can no longer enjoy an evening walk around the neighborhood with their kids and pets, you don't know who is coming up behind you or walking towards you - you're out there and you're vulnerable.

We do need more invasive police patrol but at the same time, they cannot be everywhere and there is only so many to go around.  What would help is for the business owners to secure security/police patrol that both walk and ride the residential streets and alley ways. 

With the thousands of high priced vehicles being parked all through out the neighborhood while the visitors go off to dinner and/or bar hopping, it's an open invitation for car thieves.  Not only ones living in the vicinity but visiting thieves as well.

It used to be a little easier in picking out suspicious or questionable activities because we knew everybody - but now you walk out on your porch or look out your window and see a dark form hovering against a building, car or tree, you don't know if they're up to something or taking a leak?  You hear some girl's howling screams, you don't know if she's lost her keys, broke a nail, having sex or being attacked.

Any where there is such an influx of visiting patrons, parking flashy cars and spending money, it's unreasonable not to expect a considerable rise in crime.  This not only effect the visitors but creates a scary situation putting  homeowners, residents, their families and property at risk.

We can be so thankful that Jeff is going to make a full recovery - it could have very easily gone the other way. 


I can't fault Cimperman or the police

I can't fault Cimperman or the Cleveland Police on this. If the police are diverted to patrol special events in some areas, it leaves others extremely vulnerable. Think about when the Browns play and the police are pulled from neighborhood patrols to police that event. Businesses in the area can hire patrols to sweep around the neighborhood. It does not mean that crime will not happen when the opportunity is present: the victim and the criminal in the same space.

On West 25th, some businesses have hired off duty police officers to patrol during the weekend. This did not stop the recent attack of two people leaving Great Lakes Brewery. A man was walking the woman to her car, and they were mugged, and he was pistol whipped. The difference here is that the development corporation, OCNW, tried to keep it quite, and secrecy provides fertile ground for ignorance and crime. If you are not aware, then you are a setting duck. At least, in Tremont, people will have a sense of alertness.

I am glad that Jeff is out of the ICU, and am so sorry that this happened to him, and his family. I am also sad that this is happening all over the city, and with summer just beginning, we will be hearing more of these stories.

The question is: does Cleveland truly have safe, walkable neighborhoods anymore? The safe, walkable neighborhoods of yesterday are gone. The areas that attracts nightlife center around the bar business, and walking to and from is risky, as the residential areas have changed from large families looking out for one another to smaller families trying to shut out the noise of the clientele of the bars, with closed windows and the a/c units running.

also sad


Robber, rapist attacks Tremont woman in her bed Monday morning

Published: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 8:23 AM     Updated: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 10:26 AM





CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A 24-year-old West Side woman was raped in her bed Monday morning by an armed robber who broke in through a window. 

The robber and rapist also broke into another home in the neighborhood of Fairfield Avenue and West 10th Street and took a cell phone.



this wasn't an "artwalk" spot

this wasn't an "artwalk" spot - it was just outside Pat's in the Flats. So even if the security around "Tremont" was beefed up for artwalk, they probably wouldn't have been patrolling down there. Pat's has been around forever and attracts underground muscians and artists. Jeff has been going there as long as I can remember and he probably didn't hesitate to walk up the hill to home because although the hill is always desolate, its always desolate. anyone looking to mug a "well-heeled" Tremont tourist would NOT go looking around Pat's - trust me. In fact the bastards are lucky they didn't get themselves killed.

Also, I was wrong, Jeff is not out of ICU, he is preparing for surgery. But, his "vitals" have stabilized. You can keep up to date and leave him a message here:

evil in the heart

 I believe that this happened because there was a bad guy out there with a gun and evil in his heart. Paths intersected, and now Jeff is recovering from what could have been much worse.


crime reports

This website,, gives a map with the type of crime. You can do it by address and zip code, and you have a choice of time period, a week to 30 days. You can also use the calendar to get an idea of year to date reports. The reports are based on police reports, and give general locations, and types of crimes. It only takes a couple of moments to master the key codes and map data.


Spotcrime does much the same

Spotcrime does much the same thing.  You can sign up and receive a daily report of all crimes within a 2 mile radius of your address.  It also pinpoints the locations on a map - you can navigate and it will show the actual area as well as provide details.

cimperman will want to roust the homeless

but then that is what he does. The focus of the meeting will be on getting those guys that sleep under the bridges out, send Katie to houses based on a list from those who want certain people out, and fanning of flames of those who have vs those have not. Maybe a Tremont border check? Maybe men will arm themselves and put the women and children in a circle to protect them.

Wonder how Jeff will feel about that? Instead of fanning the flames of hate, fan the flames of being neighborly and looking out for each other.

This scenario, of someone getting shot, or murdered, is an endless cycle in Cleveland. Will this be another summer of bloodletting?  How does it get turned around in a way that is constructive?

I have real issues with the

I have real issues with the current discussions by the TWDC Safety Committee on running the homeless out of the neighborhood. 

Myself and others have know some of these people who are considered "homeless" because they pitch a tent back off the beaten paths and call it "home" for many years. 

A couple of weeks ago, my sister literally nailed a "ladY"  (that had exited Dante's) all decked out in white for telling her to get "the homeless nigger off the sidewalk."  She royally knocked her on her ass.  The woman was referring to one of the homeless guys that sits or stands in front of Post 1.  A lot of the true neighborhood residents know him and often stop to chat.  He wasn't begging or bothering anyone.

These "citizens" who legally have a right to vote, deserve more than being run from our midst because the uppity crowds think that it brings shame to them - and it the way they treat them.

As far as the incident with Jeff, I don't think it has anything to do with the homeless.




 >>As far as the incident with Jeff, I don't think it has anything to do with the homeless.<<

you got that right



I've been wanting to post my book "gone"...

 assault at Lincoln Park

I heard that there was an assault at Lincoln Park this evening and that the assailant was armed. This is  bad publicity for the monthly art walk. 

Another assault in Tremont?

Not good,..,,,

I too was told that

I too was told that something went down in Lincoln Park.  I don't have the details yet, but my sister said she passed by and there was some kind of wrangle going on between some TWDC members and Guy Templeton.  I was told that the police were on the scene and there was quite a bit of yelling and name calling going on.  There was also a large crowd gathered. 

She said that she heard something about a gun.  I certainly hope that no one got shot.

Guy also called me but he did not give me all the facts yet, said he would call back later. 

TWDC and Guy?

what the hell?

Guy always has his camera

maybe he videotaped it which will help the police. 


I wonder  who Guy and TWDC were fighting with?   I hope they are o.k. 

The newest information I

The newest information I just received a bit ago from Guy was that no one was hurt but that Sammy did take a couple of swings at him.  He did say that he had it on video. 

I'm not real sure on what the altercation was about.  Guy did say that Sammy came up on him and that one of the police officers spoke up on Guy's behalf. 

More details as I get them.

It seems that there is a lot of tempers flaring lately.  Last night at the Lincoln Heights Block Club, a block club member ask Kristen Trolio (TWDC Staff Community Organizer) a question related to the parking along West 14th during the Tremont Farmers Market - in the discussion I spoke up and said I did have two photos depicting that some hazardous condition did exist when some of the trucks double parked on this busy street. 

Kristen had a royal hissy fit when I attempted to show her the pics -   Told me it was stupid - she had a lot to say - told me it was not my program and if somebody complained to tell them to call her.  The she went out in the parking lot and blew a fuse.

Must be something in the water up at Tremont West.


its just the heat, sweet pea...

gettin' under EVeryone's skin.

Sammy hit Guy?

I mistakenly thought that you meant Guy and members of TWDC were fighting with someone, but Guy and Sammy fighting each other ?  The video should be interesting.

No, I guess there was no

No, I guess there was no connect.  Guy just said that Sammy took a couple of swings and was calling him crazy, etc.

Now these are Guy details of the events - so until he sends the video, we'll have to wait i guess.

well if that aint

the kettle callin' the pot black...


 This is bad.  To get physical is just inexcusable, regardless of the situation.