Property Tax Reductions ARE AVAILABLE for low income seniors and disabled citizens.


When I came to this "neighborhood" last year and talked with a few "old folks" who owned their own homes...THEY DIDN"T "KNOW" or "HEAR" of Homestead....I made copies of the application for them...filled them out...put the persons in my by one... and took them to the auditors office to submit...the folks were very upset and angry that they weren't notified or aware of this exemption...and the guy there...was like....OH WELL...attitude.  Some of these folks...were eligible...ALOT SOONER...Oh well...mmmm....just their responsibility so it was their loss...was the auditors office workers' attitude.  There was even one man who is mentally challenged and has owned his own home for years...and the councilman from our ward at the time helped him get his home...from what I understood.  This man attends the block club and takes the attendance log every meeting, and always committing himself to the community and neighborhood, he also was eligible for many years...and was so surprised to hear of this help available.WHY DIDN"T NO ONE TELL HIM????  We made it to the auditors office two days before the deadline.... to submit his application.  As I was doing this...I also found "these folks" weren't aware of the Dept. of water and sewer exemption...the trash I got all the applications, stamps, envelopes, information of their income...blah blah blah...Now they have it.  They treat me like I gave them a million dollars.  So, just what kind of help do these CDC's do for the PEOPLE ...ya got me???? I never heard of a CDC till I came back to Cleveland...and here they are....and EVERYWHERE across the whole UNITED STATES doing EVERYTHING other than what they should be doing! Now...the other man on the corner is losing his home...never took a dime for and has been eligible...never bothered with anybody...but, "THE PLAN"  was and is to make an exit or entrance turn around for the "new senior NPR project" on Denison Ave. and W.20 st. and "THEY" NEED his property and want and need to tear his home down to go ahead with "THEIR PERFECT PLANS".....I just want to run "all the smart folks" who already left Cuyahoga County....but, the CDC's are all over the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...with code put them out of their homes Oh yea...and "to check on the "well-being" and "welfare" of the older folks...because, these older folks need someone to look after and take care of them...the is for the best interest of the older folk...and just another way for them to acquire property.  For me...there is NO WHERE to GO. I have to stay and help the people being ABUSED by this system.

I'm sure the poor know about the tax abatements for the rich

I'm sure the poor know about the tax abatements for the rich - we've certainly seen that promoted extensively...

But letting the poor and disabled know about tax relief for them... that just makes too much sense to expect our councilpeople and mayor and county leadership to do that.

It would be like warning residents about lead poisoning... too much trouble for big, bad, busy politicians focused on keeping their jobs, shaking down the system, helping rich and powerful supporters, and finding ways to doubledip 24x365...

You are an angel for stepping in and helping people in need figure all this out... I can't understand any of that government mumbojumbo

Are there other links to other exemptions for seniors and the disabled you may add here - for water, utilities, etc?... at least folks may find some direction here.

Disrupt IT

links for exemptions....

I am not good with is WHY I don't say much here, cuz, when I was writing about the Master Plan 2020...when, I first came to this site...others were upset, that, I just would direct them to where I found the info; about, Safegaurd Properties and the MasterPlan 2020 in 44109...etc.  They acted like I was sending them on a "wild goose chase"....not understanding, that, "I just am computer illiterate" I stopped posting info; that, I found; but, Lilly continued to investigate Safegaurd Properties and I am grateful; that, she has and still is doing a fine job.  I understand she needs help with the county auditor office...but...I don't know "how to copy, paste" and or transfer from one site to another.  I need to go to computer school.  Now, as far as, the homestead application for is on the county auditor site. The trash and water and sewer applications are on the Dept.of water and sewer site.  They can be copied and filled out and sent in.  As I was scrolling in parcels at the county auditors site in my nieghborhood...up and down my street and around the corner...alot of property owners are OLD FOLKS who don't have homestead my next mission go to their door and let them know what is available to them...and also verbally bring it to their attention at these block club meetings.  Just what  is a social workers' job these days anyway?  Folks can call or go to these offices to recieve these applications...and sometimes,they are available at the library...and should be at their Community Development Center.

print out and mail these forms

if you can't, the library will let you print a few off their public computers for free. Mail them in, mark  the date on your calendar, and follow up. Remember not to trust that things will get down just because you do your part.

Thank u...dw

from all the folks that need the applications..and thank you ANGELnWard14...she has some of the links posted above; that, they can click on also.