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<p>Dear City of Cleveland Leadership and Law Makers;</p>
<p>Your ongoing development towards achieving the 2020 Vision via the implemented Master Plans has resulted in countless illegal activities via the Building and Housing Department, Code Enforcement, and huge Housing Court Profits.&nbsp;It is my humble opinion that the racketeering effectuated via this process has resulted in our city's infinite decay.</p>
<p>The ongoing collusion by and between members of City Council to steer Federally subsidized grant funds for both the NSP and CDBG&nbsp;funds towards Community Development Projects listed within the Master Plans is violating the public at large of&nbsp;fairness, the opportunity to partake in&nbsp;ascertaining funding for&nbsp;development, and&nbsp;depriving the targeting communities of their needed&nbsp;funds. These&nbsp;objectives&nbsp; continuously violate various neighborhoods and populaces by using them as quotas to ascertain federal funding and then steering it out of their neighborhoods and wards into projects outside of their boundaries. This process&nbsp;is outright FRAUD on the public at large.</p>
<p>Moreover, the collusion amongst (Federally subsidized/HUD&nbsp;FUNDED)&nbsp;&quot;Code Enforcement Officers&quot; of the Community Development Organizations who create the &quot;Complaints&quot; against properties in<em> their</em> <strong>target areas of projected development-</strong> which are filed with the Building and Housing Department to initiate the City Housing Inspectors to file Violations against owners of said properties- in order to steer them into the City of Cleveland Housing Court and create insurmountable grief, confusion, and redirection to NO&nbsp;RESOLVE&nbsp;OR&nbsp;TO&nbsp;STEER&nbsp;THEM&nbsp;OUT&nbsp;OF&nbsp;THEIR&nbsp;PROPERTIES&nbsp;so they can execute their mission to redevelop&nbsp;those properties-&nbsp;is a further profiteering step towards achieving their long term objectives.</p>
<p>Any which way you slice it or dice it; this scheme that has been perpetuated upon the public at large was initiated under false pretenses and used to rape the federally subsized grant programs by and through a network of corrupt, politically infiltrated, reinventions of the public resources (City inspectors=Code Enforcers), and Community Development=City Planning Commission).&nbsp;</p>
<p>Ultimately, a couple of legislative changes could save our federal government a ton of money while using the already in place resources available to us.</p>
<p>1)&nbsp;<strong>Stop COMPLAINT&nbsp;DRIVEN&nbsp;CODE&nbsp;ENFORCEMENT and incorporate it into SECTOR&nbsp;ENFORCEMENT.</strong> Make City Inspectors work in sectors and target every&nbsp;property individually per street. That results in equal treatment. &nbsp;Not target enforcement driven by collusive organizations that know all along they are specifically targeting properties for their long term objectives.</p>
<p>2)<strong>&nbsp;Stop allowing CDC's in Cleveland to receive Federal Grants for code enforcement. </strong>We already have City Inspectors. Use them more effectively. Use those same federal funds to afford a few extra inspectors to do their jobs more effectively.&nbsp;Quit allowing the City Inspectors to be a cesspool of wasted tax dollars with gravy jobs who are used as puppets on a string for the sake of Community Development Plans.</p>
<p>3)<strong> MAKE&nbsp;A&nbsp;NEW&nbsp;LAW:&nbsp;Anyone purchasing property in the CITY&nbsp;OF&nbsp;CLEVELAND&nbsp;should be REQUIRED&nbsp;BY&nbsp;LAW&nbsp;to attend a seminar about all the long term planned projects for development, demolition, land banks, community development, and so forth before they transfer a property in the City of Cleveland....everyone should receive UNIFORM&nbsp;training.</strong> One person could complete the training for multiple properties. The point of this is to ensure that future investors of primary, secondary, residential, and other property in the City of Cleveland would have a preview of the ongoing development being planned around them....especially since our public information resources are so outrageously detailed, intricate, and mind boggling that it steers out the average people from any desire of living here....without such training....<strong>Fraud is being committed daily by and through this City of Cleveland upon all people investing in this City without awareness of those &quot;public development projects&quot;. It will also teach folks how to be proactive and be aware if they want to live in and around such transformation. </strong></p>
<p>3)&nbsp;B)<strong>&nbsp;Anyone renting any unit in Cleveland should be forced to attend the same typical meeting/seminar, etc.</strong> Tenants are vested residents as well. They should be included in these long term objectives.</p>
<p>4)<strong>&nbsp;Tenant Accountability Laws...</strong>..12,000 evictions per year is dishonorable. It's a big business and nothing less. Tenants know that they actually benefit from PRC's,&nbsp;Vouchers, and Housing resources by and through countless agencies if they get &quot;EVICTED&quot;...they serve a purpose for these agencies to stay in business.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Why would our local Housing Court wish to change that quotafied business?&nbsp;They are making a killing by running all these folks around chasing their tales...but most of by letting tenants think that they can keep getting away with the same old thing in Cleveland. (For those of you not paying attention----this business supports COUNTLESS&nbsp;QUOTAS&nbsp;FOR&nbsp;FEDERALLY&nbsp;FUNDED&nbsp;HOUSING&nbsp;PROGRAMS&nbsp;IN&nbsp;NEO&nbsp;THAT&nbsp;serve as a funding resource for these countless federally funded organizations--staffing payrolls of folks.)&nbsp;</strong></p>
<p>It's an utter disgrace to see how the federally funded operations of almost 40 years of Community Development (Funded since 1975 beginning with Judge Pianka's Detroit Shoreway)&nbsp;have destroyed rather than sustained and revitalized our community at large.</p>
<p><strong>Cuyahoga County is a huge WELFARE&nbsp;COUNTY and our CITY of Cleveland&nbsp;is the same.</strong> Public servants have jobs because of all this quotafication. It's an amazing realization. Agencies codependent on keeping the little people in a state of welfare...but running out of quotas since they are steering so many little people out of the City. Comical because now all those agencies and public places are running out of resources to sustain their operations.</p>
<p><br />
Ultimately, it's about time for some major governmental adjustments to the old school way of promoting both economic and community development in greater Cleveland, Ohio via creating a round robin state of welfare by and through the leadership who pretends to promote good things....</p>
<p>The funniest part about this entire &quot;SYSTEMIC&nbsp;ABUSE&quot; the middle class know it alls looking down their nose at the poor folks that allow them all to have jobs!&nbsp;Comedy of errs if you ask me.</p>
<p>CHANGE&nbsp;THE&nbsp;LAWS....UNIFORMITY TRAINING, WASTEFUL&nbsp;SPENDING&nbsp;REDUCTIONS&nbsp;STARTING&nbsp;WITH&nbsp;THE&nbsp;TOP&nbsp;DOWN, and EMPOWERING&nbsp;INVESTORS&nbsp;TO&nbsp;DO&nbsp;BUSINESS&nbsp;IN&nbsp;THIS&nbsp;TOWN&nbsp;WITHOUT&nbsp;BEING&nbsp;TAXED&nbsp;by pathetic public servants who drive big local government business by and through code enforcing them to death!!!!&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>Someone in this town has to step to the plate and transform the law in order to effectuate realistic long term considerations on behalf of the little people that depend on them to protect the public at large from abusive practices.</p>
<p>Take a hike Mayor Jackson and all you old school fat cat council persons who are politically motivated and steering your votes via that platform of pay to play, hush hush, and oil/water corruption. You know who you are and you make the citizens SICK!&nbsp;Your platform is NOT&nbsp;ACCEPTABLE-never has been and never will be.</p>
<p><br />
Servicemembers are dying to defend and uphold democracy around the globe against enemies foreign and domestic-I believe that they should come up in this city and get rid of our political TERRORISTS to include some of this ugly leadership that rapes the public at large of equality and social justice!</p>

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