Rafael Viñoly Flowers For Real, as Cleveland Museum of Art Expansion Really Blooms

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 05/01/2010 - 16:02.

Cleveland Museum of Art Vinoli Addition taking shape

I was driving through one of my favorite neighborhoods in the world yesterday and noticed a rare and important thing has taken bloom there - in University Circle - this Spring - Phase II of the Cleveland Museum of Art expansion is already visible and suddenly the seemingly-boxy, incomplete Rafael Viñoly transition has taken new bloom - and a roof.

Just some I-beams so far... ?!?! Not at all.

Close up - from nearly underneath - this appears a soaring cathedral rising above the city. The long-promised atrium looks like it will bring quite a striking new convening space for the community, and I expect the museum will use it well. This looks good close-up, to the man below.

Stepping back, the roof line succeeds to break the monotony of the Breuer and similar stone treatments and literally bridges the roofline to the glass-box transition points to the original historical museum edifice - excellent low-key execution in every designed-way - I expect like perfection in the finish (the finish of all work on this project has been beyond first-class).

To really appreciate the change seen on the horizon through this iconic building and historic people-place, view the museum now like we all have had to up until now - from a distance, as a model - and see this architect planned a great design for this challenge, set of physical conditions and place, as now demonstrated in reality.

I look forward to soon seeing a completed masterpiece for Cleveland in this understated work by the renowned Viñoly.


I believe others will share my appreciation...

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