Until the late 1970, many pencils were painted with lead. If you are over 40, do you remember chewing pencils as a kid?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 04/22/2010 - 11:38.

We don't know exactly why or how

We don't know exactly why or how but we know it is so

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I assume not everyone answering yes were po' urban folk

I assume not everyone answering yes were po' urban folk... Yet how many suburban baby boomers worry about lead poisoning of them, in their youth and throughout life, as they face what lurks in their bodies as it accumulates and does harm as they age.

That lead is still there.... until the end.

Perhaps the 50% or more Americans in this poll who were probably poisoned by lead paint on pencils may care, if they knew about such health issues of their generation, as they walk the expensive and painful road of health"care" to untimely death.

Perhaps taking more calcium throughout life may reduce the harm of lead ingested in youth... even prevent cancer... vitamins seem to help lead poisoned children, and prevent mothers from passing their lead onto their babies in uturo... at least that is what a few informed health professionals seem to say, if you may find such health professionals.

Perhaps that type of knowledge would be good for scientists to figure out, rather than how to prolong men's erections.

Perhaps providing free vitamins to citizens, helping them grow and eat healthy food, and eradicating lead poisoning sources in America and the world, are better uses of tax dollars than funding scientists and health science at all.

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