What is REALNEO?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 11/11/2012 - 22:41.

 Realneo is a community of people who fight.   

Fight for Civic Equity.

Realneo is a community of people who, whether they lose that fight, don't recognize that overwhelming obstical.

Lose?  What's that?

Realneo is a community of people who continue to fight not recognizing that they have "lost".

Realneo is a community of thick- headed advocates for equity. 

You can bang us hard on the head, in the wallet, in public, in private - but we don't get that  vibe. 

The only thing we feel here at Realneo is the sound, the slight whisper, the load roar, of FAIRNESS.

Maybe then we'll slack up, take a break, drop the subject.

But UNTIL THEN, Realneo will be up your.... 

Realneo will be there the morning after (your inequitable win), sniffing around.  

Realneo can't be nuked. (how r we shure>?  Test us)



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Jeff: REALNEO has provided

Jeff: REALNEO has provided me with an excellent opportunity to share with our readers the gross injustice meted out by City Hall to over 2,400 petitioners who want to SAVE historic 80-year old John Marshall High School located in Cleveland, Ohio -- by renovating the historic building, swimming pool, underground running tracks, and the auditorium. There is no shortage of the dirty tricks played by City Hall and the School District. To me every setback has been an energy booster -- I feel I am like a spring -- the more they push me -- the greater is the force with which I rebound.

Let's hear it for REALNEO!! WOOHOO!

We don't fight.....maybe we disagree sometimes....maybe we challenge each other to see outside the box...maybe we speak the truth about the facts or how we see it and then face the firing squad of people who we'll agree to disagree with...but we don't fist fight!!! (NOT ALWAYS, AT LEAST!) But, then again, the concussion I recieved FRIDAY NIGHT, SATURDAY MORNING...was enlightening about the violent tendancies of the socially quotafied, disenfrachised, criminalized, people who have been victimized by a system of corruption in every direction. These people are fighting mad, angry, and growing uncivilized because they have nowhere to run.

Maybe we stand up and speak the oddity of truth in a community decimated by lies and corruptionn.

Maybe we give too much when we should be selfish punks.

Maybe we try too hard when we should just be lazy couch potatos.

This has been a fight to the death to survive the Corrupt Circles of Gross Negligence portrayed upon the public at large by and through their deliberate, preplanned goals of greedy corruption and abusive practices to ascertain millions upon millions of dollars for socioeconomic development....the people are the pawns that facilitate their ascertaining millions in grants to administer worthless programs.....it's ALL A JOKE! 

I love that little tid bit above, Jeff.... comical how you put the "TRUTH" on the front page above...I remain smiling big time....I kind of know what you mean....

I supported Nelson Cintron in 2009...the thereafter results are intriguing...Councilman Santiago used his mighty powers that be to file for an illegal search warrant through housing court to use code enforcement to condemn my dad's (already vandalized) property after refusing to provide any CDBG funds for any of our people in Ward 14 for need or to help with any alternative options that are allegedly available to our people like those SHAP (Senior Housing Assistance Programs) etc.

I spoke out against the regime and filed federal complaints for the abuses of our Federal CDBG Funds...you know--those funds that are meant to help the people in need.... So, when I needed help and was referred and deferred to NHS(Neighborhood Housing Services)---which is run by DARYL HAMM----HUSBAND OF COUNCILMAN BRIAN CUMMINS' ASSISTANT JOHANNA HAMM----WELL, YOU KNOW THAT THEY TABLED MY COMPLETED APPLICATION SO LONG (After assuredly investigating my credit report several times) THAT I HAD TO REAPPLY WHEN THEY FINALLY REVIEWED IT-----after calling their oversight committee-the State of Ohio Finance Agency about my inability to get commo with them---woohoo...and also in the middle of mitigating my dad having lung cancer and chronic continuity of care requirements that keep us in the hospital.....COMICAL. ANOTHER COMPLAINT TO FILE AND STILL NOT REAPPLIED....FOR THE SIXTH TIME BECAUSE THEY WERE SO HELPFUL ALL THE OTHER TIMES....SERIOUSLY. 

When my furnace broke down Dec 2009---the old Stockyard CDC said here--you qualify for the Home Weaterization program---apply.... so I did...HWAP is ran through CHN (cleveland housing network)...but guess what? JEFF CHIPLIS of Tremont was the 80/20 contracted guy for most of the CDC's and he was probably too busy (with those Tremont events) to get down to the house and do the bidding....before CMDC let him go in 2009....comical what those CMDC Board members' revelations figured out about him....poor guy got shot in Tremont....I almost laughed about that KARMA...because I certainly didn't get my furnace fixed out of that deal... but I assure you...I was used as a quota for that little RACKETEERING GAME they were playing on HUD MONEY.  You should have seen the crap OldRoser went through regarding her HWAP mess. She filed her complaints too... all comical...extortionist prices being bid for HWAP jobs by those "INSIDE" Contractors.

When I needed help with the water bill--they said here--you qualify for a 20% discount through the low income water program at CHN...I applied 2 times....you don't think that they ever returned a call or even approved those applications...hmmm...I must have pissed those guys off too with speaking the truth about how they rehab houses and work with contractors at extortionist prices...lol (Hey did you all know that it costs over $100,000 to rehab a dump in Cleveland? woohoo)---paid for by your tax dollars...boy how I want to get one of those contracts...profit margins are outrageous!!!.

I applied for welfare cash assistance in 2008-2009 when my dad and my child's dad were tag teaming hospitalizations and I was trying to help care for family................denied again...via the phone...comical again....that full time job didn't count as employment-according to welfare (unbelievable). Then----they didn't count the thousands of hours in community service as a SPO Officer, CDC Volunteer, or other volunteer work completed----towards the 30 hours per week work requirement to get the cash assistance...so, I was denied again... comical that after a couple year battle---the STATE APPEAL BOARD even oversighted the county caseworker and her supervisor 2 times, and I ultimately got assistance from LEGAL AID to finally win the claim from 2008-2009...in 2010.....Comical- they finally paid me in 2010 for stuff applied for in 2008....fighting for what was just and right.....by the way...they paid me in food stamps!!! Lol...it was comical going back to people who had fed me and my daughter and buying them truck loads of groceries to reimburse them for their help 2 years before....yep, I paid them back in food for them feeding us..... The humiliation of asking for help was hard enough....especially when I would have much rather have been working, making my own, and living well, than sacrificing a normal life to help my family when they were in need....but we do what we have to do...sorry I was not a selfish biotch who told my people FU. So, needless to say we got through another period of life and we learned again how dehumanizing it is to "ASK FOR HELP!"


But...these "SOCIAL JUSTICE BATTLES" that came about from mitigating standing in lines at welfare, HEAP, the Salvation Army food line, the CDC's, CHN, NHS, HWAP, and the Councilman's office were like getting a world class education in "HOW THE GOVERNMENT AND THE NGO'S (NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS FUNDED BY THE GOVERNMENT) USE THE LOW INCOME PEOPLE AS QUOTAS TO ASCERTAIN HUGE GOVERNMENT GRANTS"....(THE GRANTS USED TO PAY THE ADMINISTRATORS' SALARIES TO BEAT THAT!!!!!!) By and through=== these agencies who were using me as a quota.....they had a scheme that boiled down to this....get as many applications as possible to show the "NEED" and then they get tons of federal grants to keep pushing us in circles of nothingness...it's an administrative nightmare and a full time job to be poor....(So play nice or they'll refuse you even the smallest help--while still using your applications as a quota to serve their purpose!) woohoo.

Then there were all those housing court violations, CDC Code Enforcement tickets, Grants for things cited on the tickets----like when they gave me a ticket for my sidewalk apron---but referred me to get assistance through the sidewalk program....another grant application...50/50 Sidewalks...wish I had that contract too...woohoo, and so much more that kept leading me in corrupt contractor circles....it is just comical.... again and again, the cycles that this city leadership have developed to keep the poor people going in circles....of NO RESULTS FOR THEMSELVES is mind boggling. But on the flip side----it's a fricken multi-billion dollar industry for the PLAYERS...woohoo...


Housing court has so many awesome laws to help it out............Receivership, condemnation, code enforcement, the land bank, woohoo.....and they work arm in arm with those wonderful CDC code enforcers.....woohoo.... See, under the City Planning Commission 2020 Vision and Master Plans, certain neighborhoods have been targeted for long term development and the main players are the CDC's....they know which neighborhoods get the funding, which will get the grants, which are targeted for millions upon millions of grants funded projects...and they target hoods,, houses, and owners from the rear---devastating them with a nightmare of bureacratic court fines, criminal tickets, and much more until they independently receive the right via the court to act as the owner and evict the owner and clean up or liquidate your life under the auspices of Receivership via thier CDC's to take people's houses---oops---did they tell you that most houses under receivership are in high development areas...woohooo and they get to take all their money off the top at extortionist rates....woohoo.

Shall we talk about eviction court??? Seriously ugly numbers within our city....Oh my heavens...nothing but slaps on the wrists of the unaccountble 12,000 people evicted annually in the City of Cleveland...wow..and the fines...wow...like $5k to 100's of thousands of dollars for the homeowners (Oh---the administrators are brain washed into believing all landlords are "SLUMLORDS!" woohoo. .....seriously? wow...what a big business.

Did you know Ray Pianka was at the helm of CDC, CDBG Block Grant Funding via HUD for the initial phases of allocations and programming? Wow...who better to portray such a ridiculous scheme upon the public at large.....he is a fricken MASTER MIND of big business...teach the poor tenants that they are VICTIMS....by the thousands...MAKE ALL THE LANDLORDS get treated like scumbags because the poor tenants were unable to pay their rent because they chose cable, drugs, and high roller activities over paying their rents....boohoo....Aww.....ooooowww.................now give all these big philanthropic entities like EDEN Housing millions to house the mentally ill, diseased, and poor...comical...woohoo...more HUD Funded projects in the city...woohoo....not enough---let's implement the Senior Housing for the elders----so that we can steer them out of their lifelong homes, rehab them, and then sell them to young urban oriented families who are paying taxes and can sustain the property ownership responsibilities----complimental quote from who other than the old City Councilman of Ward 14---JOE SANTIAGO!!! Woohoo! (FEDERAL FAIR HOUSING VIOLATION-STEERING A TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC OUT OF THE community!) 

BTW...I love how CPP (Cleveland Public Power is not regulated by PUCO...and how they DISHONOR THE HEAP PIP Plus Options for low income citizens...very intriguing how they are above the federal programs at CITY LEVEL....wooohooo...and families with 6 people cannot stabilize and mom's have to sell plasma at the blood bank just to keep the electric on. woohoo.

I love how the Trash collectors are running around citing families with $250 tickets for actually putting the trash on the curb...woohoo. (Too much in one week---get a fine!) 

I love how you can get your life threatened for telling the truth on this corrupt city.

OOps. See you all at my funeral....the truth might get me killed....wooohoooo.....shall we get into the fraudulent property taxes we all pay due to Russo, the CORRUPT LandBank by Rokakis, the fraudulent Property Tax Certificate sales, human error mistakes of all these overpaid public servants? Oh my heavens, let's talk fiscal budgetary frauds....whoops....too much for today....wow, our entire city is a mudslide of padded corruption....as is our entire world..................woopty doo doo..........shhhhhh---us whistleblowers are so used to political retaliation, it's almost a joke at this point.....I'd talk about the tickets with the police too--but I love them people in blue so much---i won't pick on them today--sure miss simone! He gave me so many tickets---i lost my license for a year...but that was my fault and i'll own it.


Awwwww, just bury me upside down so they can all kiss my arse on the way down to hell as I go!  

By 2010....it was almost a joke to ask for help in Cleveland.....

Getting the bittersweet opportunity to stop looking for help in a system only designed to give paychecks to administrators while realizing it was all simply a big business that keep the poor lost and confused and particularly so that they could continually be used as quotas---was absolutely unreal. Look at the statistical numbers served by the food banks....look at the statistical numbers regarding the disenfranchised voters....the addicts on our streets, the needy, the HIV+ people, the homeless veterans....and on and on......................................

Our local democratic government and philanthropic industries make lots of money trying to socialize our community with all these programs.............................that ultimately don't work. They are like an object built on the base principle of "Planned Obsolescence"....designed not to last long so that a new program has to be established for new uses of federal tax dollars....woohoo..more need, more grants...woohoo.


Wow...should we hit upon the CMSD---$15,000 per pupil? Woohoo....I mean, for less than that parents could be sending their kids to St. Ignatious---one of Cleveland's top private schools........with much better results. The cost of tuition for the 2012-2013 school year is $13,220.00 at St. Ignatius! The Education Fee is $300 per year.


WooHoo...I am crazy...woohoo...I forgot to eat some more shit and believe that our local system is righteous....up on their pedastal dog and pony lying asses....ooops, I refuse to eat asses, talk nice, and pretend I agree with absolute surreal corruption by and through this entire local economy that is codependent on raping the needy.


When this started for me, it was a temporary need.....over the years, it became an investigation. I felt like the person being tossed around in the middle of a mosh pit......Perhaps some experiences and all of them have been a sacrifice for the people....the dehumanizing experiences of living through these circles---but having just enough wisdom to see the federal violations over and over and over again...are surreal.

Most of all, I have listened to a thousand stories about how these people live in FEAR...and I totally agree. The rage built up on many citizens backs is overwhelming...it's like being a prisoner in this community game portrayed on them. All these carpetbaggers come in to Cleveland and project their idealisms on folks. They take away the right to enjoy life and liberty on one's own property. Countless hermits in Cleveland....afraid to go outside and get targeted.


Then...let's get to all those Veterans committing suicide daily...coming home to these surreal corruptions.....unreal. It's depressing---but the vet's are crazy and labeled?????? What a fricken nice way to help them get reintegrated into the world....NO---what a fricken nice way to keep them out of corrupt circles and disrupt corruption in local government operations which abuse their powers that be!




OMG....I need to quit...because I have yet to begin. Goodday all.............errrrrr! 




 Perhaps Rokakis would love to know I wrote and posted this one during a normal period....before 9am...lol...instead of 3-4 when we usually reserve that time for investigating, reading public records, researching the frauds portrayed upon the public at large, and uncovering grave truths that have violated the public at large cyclically for over 30 years....decimating a great city.....woohoo...with corruption! I HOPE THE FBI KEEPS HITTING THOSE INTERCONNECTED DOMINIOS....WOOHOOO....








Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"


Water Dept retirees set up w/Demo firms

Heard from a person acquainted with city politics that retiring Water Department workers are investing in heavy equipment to get in on the demo contracts...and on my street, curb cuts, installed just a few years ago--were dug up and redone, again.  Yeah--priorities.  Demos and curb cuts...