Culmination of American Commercial Architectural Design - BIG BOX & PARKING LOT

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 09/04/2011 - 11:46.

You can see this exact design all across North America - and just about anywhere else there are 53 foot tractor trailers used for goods delivery and automobiles used to transport the shoppers.

Walmart, HomeDepot, grocery stores, BJs....

Concrete block walled hi-bay warehouse with at least (2) 48 inch high rear loading docks on the back side,  On the public "front" consumer parking lot  side there's a little goofy roofed covered pedestrian entrance in a lame attempt to humanize the crass practicality. 

That's it. You could be in any one of the 50 states or any Canadian province.  You couldn't tell where you were.

Thats the architecture.


And the culprit?  The reason? The force which created this?   

The hydraulic fork lift.  

Think about it.  

Strip mall variation - can you identify the state in which this structure is located?  How about the parking lot below - look nice? Look familiar?

Is something sick and dangerous going on here?   Or are we on our way to social equity and happiness?


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