02.15.05 Notes "The Doan Brook Watershed Partnership"

Submitted by Monica on Tue, 02/15/2005 - 18:21.

Today's Tuesdays@REI topic on "The Doan Brook Watershed Partnership" attracted the attention of many people and organizations, as the issues discussed connect to many important initiatives that concern water, as a natural resource and a source of positive economic impact.

[Picture (source) : Fishing in the pond near the former Mount Sinai complex at Rockefeller Park and Doan Brook]

The project has so many valuable connections to our local economy in NEO, our efforts around sustainability, cleaning up the quality of the water, improving our community, appreciating the historic aspect of our city, and other important aspects of our inter-connected community.

Nancy King Smith, Executive Director of the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes mentioned that the Doan Brook Initiative is based on a triangle of the economy, ecology, and social and cultural influences.

A great opportunity exists for our community on March 7th to hold an open space conversation where these ideas will be further developed.

Water has an important role in our lives as it can improve the quality of life, increase the aesthetic appeal, increase recreational opportunities, increase collaboration, support healthy activities like outdoor exercise and walking, appreciation of nature, and a clean environment. What's your vision?

These notes were co-authored by Monica Dumitriu and Evelyn Kiefer who were both inspired by the presentation.

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