02.08.05 Tuesday@REI Collabortion: "Intergenerational Learning" in public education

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 02/09/2005 - 02:21.

The 02.08.04 Tuesday@REI continues an important collaboration exploring unique value in Northeast Ohio child development - today expanding focus to "Intergenerational Learning", which leverages the value of all ages learning together. Here we see notes on presentations and discussions featuring:


  • Cathy Whitehouse,
    Principal, The Intergenerational School - the only such school in the
    world and the only charter school that achieved an excellent rating
    based on state evaluations. Visit: http://intergenschool.org
  • Peter
    Whitehouse, M.D.-PhD., Director Integrative Studies, Department of
    Neurology, Case will discuss the concept of "Successful Aging" as being
    promoted by the Cleveland Foundation.
  • Kirsten Frei-Herrman,
    Project Director, Experience Corps/RSVP of Greater Cleveland, as
    implemented in the Cleveland Municipal Schools. Visit: http://experiencecorps.org
  • Crystal Davis, Office of Family and Community Engagement, Cleveland Municipal School District