The Ward 4 Gal Pals are Havin' a Pahty on Landbank property

Submitted by mabeldog on Tue, 05/23/2023 - 12:55.
Private Party

The Gal Pals running Ward 4 are having a hoe down this Memorial Day weekend. But the neighborhood is NOT invited. In fact they don't want the neighbors to know ANYTHING about it. No mention of this event ANYWHERE no email from ClowncilMAN Gray to her consitutents, no fliers adorning the lamp posts, no mention AT ALL on the Ward 4 calendar which goes all the way up to December. The Land Bank OWNED properties on Kinsman which have been taken over by the Center for Clowns, Crooks and Cons are crawling with white folk in straw hats and pitchforks unloading dirt and tending to the hoop gardens. AND unloading brand new all wood picnic tables? WHO is paying for all this improvement to the bottom line of "former" ClowncilMAN Marion Gardner? Where is the involvement of the MANY MANY neighborhood churches that support the Thea Bowman Center 1/2 mile away and funded in part by the Cleveland Foundation. The gals are very hush hush. And by the way where are the IRS 990s REQUIRED to be filed. Where are the permits from Building and Housing for all this contruction. Where is the calendar of summer events at this new Ward 4 hot spot. If this was happening in MY neighborhood my council representative would tell us about it. But Clowcilperson Gray answers to a higher power.

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Church going white folks…. From the exurbs

.....Are SO MUCH EASIER to manipulate than church going black folks in Ward 4. Ain't that right Nita




Black tie crooks