Lead screening: ICP-MS Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy

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 One lab providing ICP-MS testing:

Welcome to Galbraith.com! This site is your reference guide to the analyses we perform and our policies and services. We designed this site to assist you in making decisions related to your sample submission and specific testing requirements as well as to inform you of Galbraith's support and service capabilities.

Since 1950, when Dr. Harry Galbraith established our company as an independent laboratory, we have provided analytical services to all segments of business, industry, government, and the academic world. Over the past 55 years, we have continued to expand and develop our testing programs, instrumentation, and support capabilities. We have distinguished ourselves in handling routine analyses as well as technically complex projects, which might require developing entirely new analytical methods. Galbraith's long-standing association with all types of business and industry has established us as a support laboratory with trade-specific technical experience. The balance of production capacity and creative expertise has set us apart from other support laboratories, making The Galbraith Difference™.

As always, our Customer Relations and Technical Services staff are available to answer your questions, provide pricing confirmations and quotations, develop special methods, design projects, and monitor your sample status. We will be happy to provide any assistance required to meet your analytical needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us toll-free at 877-449-8797.

Thank you for allowing Galbraith to be a part of your Team.


 customized services. Our expertise is analytical chemistry and our services attend to a wide range of client applications, and an even wider range of sample types. From routine analysis to complex method development, Galbraith has earned an international reputation for its ability to recognize and solve problems.

Galbraith provides many services, from sample analysis to project development. Galbraith’s products and services are fully supported by our full-time Quality Assurance Department, Customer Relations staff, and Project & Technical Managers. Select the links to the right to learn more.


You may order analytical services by submitting the following:

  1. samples and a completed Request for Analysis form; and
  2. a written purchase order* or credit card number

If you do not have a copy of our Request for Analysis form, you can download a copy in PDF format for Adobe Reader. This form may be completed electronically before printing, or may be printed and completed by hand. We will be glad to fax or mail print copies of our Request for Analysis form.

By taking care to follow the steps outlined below, you can help us avoid unnecessary delays and problems in handling your samples:

  • Complete all information requested on the Request for Analysis form.
  • If you received a written quotation from us, reference the quotation number on your Request for Analysis form.
  • Call us in advance at (865) 546-1335 for instructions concerning sample size, shipping, etc. (See Links to Other Sites for more information about commercial and U.S. Postal Service shippers and shipping regulations.
  • Be sure to send a representative sample. Especially with samples such as dirt, with composition often varying greatly within larger samples, it is important to collect the most representative sample possible.
  • Specify whether samples may be ground or dried (when applicable). Otherwise, the chemical composition of your samples could be altered and erroneous data generated.
  • When sending drinking water or stormwater samples, request our water sampling kit in advance. Included in the kit are bottles which have been pre-cleaned according to EPA specifications.



Galbraith’s vast array of instrumental techniques and decomposition methods allow us to perform metals analysis on virtually any sample type.

Instrumental techniques

Decomposition Methods

  • ICP-MS Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy
  • ICP-OES Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy
  • FLAA Flame Atomic Absorption
  • GFAA Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption
  • CVAA Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption
  • Wet Ashing
  • Dry Ashing
  • Oxygen Bomb
  • Microwave Digestion
  • Carius Furnace
  • Fusion Techniques
  • Compendial Methods; ACS, USP/NF, JP, EP, FCC, AOAC, ASTM

Pricing Information




ICP-MS set-up Fee

$170.00 per sample submission


Analysis of 1 to 5 elements

$100.00 per element per sample


Analysis of 6 to 10 elements

$90.00 per element per sample


Analysis of 11 and over elements

$80.00 per element per sample


$67.00 per element per sample


$67.00 per element per sample


$89.00 per element per sample


$89.00 per element per sample

The charges noted include appropriate digestion procedures. A discount may apply to requests of five or more metals per sample with the same preparation. Procedures requiring Method of Standard Additions will incur additional fees. Please call for Quotation.

60 Element Metals Screen

  • Detection Limits to ppm or lower for most elements on the Periodic Table
  • Covers Most Metals on the Periodic Table
  • Semi-Quantitative Analysis can be performed on any element detected

60 Element Semiquantitative Metals Screen

$450.00 per screen


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