Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid is fired by County Executive Ed FitzGerald after claims of mortgage, foreclosure fraud involvin

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Reid's firing comes on the heels of complaints of mortgage fraud and illegal foreclosure activity with help allegedly from some Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas judges and magistrates, including Judges John O'Donnell and Carolyn Friedland, and Chief Magistrate Stephen Bucha, who leads the Cuyahoga County Foreclosure Department.

The sheriff's chief assistant, James Bitterman, told Cleveland Urban News.Com that Reid has his own appraisal chart, though state law, which permits county sheriff's in Ohio to appraise foreclosed homes for sale, requires that foreclosed homes are to be appraised like any other residential homes in the state.

The alleged scheme involves using ghost or non-existing mortgage companies to target homeowners, illegally foreclosing on them,  and then deflating the foreclosure sale values by up to 80 percent so that the current mortgage companies, like Chase Home Finance, can buy the foreclosed homes at a sheriff's sale for cheap and with the benefit of  not having to sue the homeowner whose note it allegedly holds, though case law makes such activity illegal. Hence, Reid would steal homes appraised by the county for tax purposes say for $123,000 and then sale them to mortgage companies and others for prices as low as  $36,000, all with the approval of several of the majority White 34 judges of the general division of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, which is led by Presiding and Administrative Judge Nancy Fuerst.




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Just letting Cuyahoga County IT folks...maybe update your photo and information on who is the Cuyahoga County Sheriff -see Guy's original post above.

Why does the PD not seem interested in knowing the full extent of the story behind Reid's firing???

Reid Op-Ed - More to be revealed about CE FitzGerald

I applaud Reid for his editorial -there is much to be revealed about continued gross mismanagement of Cuyahoga County under County Executive Ed FitzGerald.  The much-hyped "clean-up" is a fraud.