MEDCON will be larger municipal failure than Harrisburg Incinerator

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 10/01/2011 - 19:52.
 Bank robbers go into a bank with a bag and a gun and may come out with a few pounds of cash.
Then they get shot dead on the street or in the parking lot, with the red dye packs exploding in their bag. 
In the new improved version of bank robbery, Lobbyists go to an ignorant and/or corrupt municipal legislature and weasel them into an insane and insanely large, and very long term,  bond issue for something which "seems" like it may have public benefit.
The lobbyist's clients get the millions right away, and the community citizens pay off the bond issue long after the legislators who passed the insanity are gone - or like Harrisburg - the municipality faces bankruptcy.
The Cleveland Vornado Medcon will, I predict, end just as the Harrisburg Incinerator ended.   Bankrupt. 
Unlike the Harrisburg Incinerator which was originally built in 1973 and operated off and on for 4 decades, the Medcon will demonstrate that it is a financial failure within two years of its opening - so about 2015.   
You can take that prediction to the BANK!
Read about the long term problems with the Harrisburg incinerator here on 

Like the Coalition web site,  none;text-underline:none"> website is alive and available.  

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