Sunpu Opto – Unlikely to see vote tonight & Crain’s article

Submitted by briancummins on Mon, 05/24/2010 - 16:56.

It is unlikely there will be a vote this evening on the 10-year no-bid Sunpu Opto LED lighting contract.

It appears the votes for and against the Sunpu Opto agreement are holding.  Today we believe that we are at 9-Yea and 9-Nay and the 19th vote - Councilman Matt Zone (who was recorded as a Yea on a roll call vote last Monday) - is out of town and is not expected to be present for this evening's meeting.

If the vote does not occur this evening, the next likely date would be June 7th as there is no Council meeting scheduled for May 31st - Memorial Day.  The one other wild card is that there could be a special meeting called for a vote.

In other news regarding the issue, Crain's Cleveland Business's Jay Miller came out with the following piece today that covers some of the reaction regarding the development and rollout of the contract and legislation --

LED plan's execution, rollout fail Jackson

By JAY MILLER, May 24, 2010 

“Why weren't we informed; we could have helped you?” asked Hong Kong-born immigration attorney Margaret Wong. “What were you guys thinking?”

...See the article at --> Crain's Cleveland Business

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