Why My Boys Are Lead Poisoned: "City Supports Medical Center Company Demolition and Redevelopment Project"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 02/25/2010 - 14:44.

Meet the biggest development secret in unreal NEO, that makes the Opportunity Corridor look like heaven on Earth - here is the big opportunity being rammed through East Cleveland... although we've never seen a plan... you've only read about it here, on realNEO, because the PD is part of making this happen, obviously... you think Litt didn't know about THIS, when he wrote this?

And you think bad shit goes down in your neighborhood.

Let's learn about plans by the great and mysterious Medical Center Company - the company that has been mysteriously polluting my neighborhood by burning coal in University Circle for over 75 years - that wants to do more "development" in MY BACKYARD... and it seems my city approves. I just read about that in a big, expensive printed magazine mailed to every house in my ward from my Ward 2 Councilwoman, Barbara Thomas - on the back cover, in big writing... The Gods have spoken.

I live by a different God. I hope the other citizens of EC are equally God-fearing, as our leadership apparently is not.

It seems the interests of these people - this MCCo and its backers - are why my boys were lead poisoned.

Our community will do no better if we put up with this type of treatment from our leadership. I'm contacting the FBI... there have been too many irregularities around this property over the past 4 years for it all to be legal.

Litt, what's the real story about development coming out of UCI, and pollution coming out of MCCo, into EC. This is not the way for a newspaper to keep citizens informed. I've reached out to people I thought were friends at University Hospitals and they have proved not to be friends.

Tell us what you know about any of this, all of you... Trolls included.

Thanks Bob - thanks Peter... this is for you.

My boys no longer need you.

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I need all the Freedom Of Information experts in town

I just wrote to Commissioner Jones and Mayor Norton asking for all documentation of this property and project ever... every meeting, phonecall, email, twitter, tweet, emessage... EVERYTHING, for EVERYONE who knows ANYTHING about this project... in governemnt and outside government.

Who may help with freedom of information advice, going beyond simply asking our leaders, the leaders at University Hospital, and the FBI to investigate...

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Mayor Brewer, what do you know?

Mayor Brewer, what do you know?

I'll ask Mayor Goggins myself.

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norm previous post i filed foia suits many federal agencies

norm  previous post i filed foia suits many  federal agencies

yogi and guy


I was over by Lincoln Park looking for you the other day

Could use your help - email me.

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"Your tip has been successfully submitted"

At least the FBI knows how to use IT.

In this corrupt community, when $100s millions are involved - especially to burn coal - I think the FBI needs to look at everything:

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What do all you CSU Urban Planners Know About This?

How about you, teachers/consultants? All you CDC folks??????


Have you taken classes in coal burning - pollution - lead poisoning?

Do you know about this project by MMCo?

What do you know about MMCo?

Isn't Litt in your class?

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The Political Gangster                       

                                                WOW!!!!! If your boys were lead poisoned, i wonder how many more children have been lead poisoned? For that matter i lived in EC am i lead poisoned? Are there many adults throughout EC including the council that helped bring the pollution? How many innocent citizens of EC are lead poisoned and dying off and don't even know why? We are once again stuck on hopes and promises and not getting involved nor being aware of things that we should. But later on complain when it's too late and more people are dying, and more children YOUR CHILDREN,OUR CHILDREN. We have enough to deal with that has us in a choke hold, we don't need THIS!!!!!!                                                 

                                                                                                                                        BE BLESSED

Kieth, you are seriously lead poisoned

Kieth, you are seriously lead poisoned - starting with growing up next to a steel mill.

You are mutated as well. So are your kids.

The lead poisoning certainly grew as you moved around houses in poor old neighborhoods of Northeast Ohio - working on houses - most have lead hazards and many are not well maintained... maintaining them creates new lead hazards - your kids may well have been lead poisoned as well. The outcomes are as ugly as you have experienced in life.

One of the reasons I moved to EC is that I knew lead was a certain hazard there, and I could buy a house cheap enough to eliminate the lead hazards and still afford to live there.

We had all the lead paint chemically stripped from the interior, and properly disposed of the lead, as you've seen. We dug out our soil and replaced it with organic soil and compose. For over a year, my wife and children never entered the house... until it was safe. Our kids were never harmed there, or anywhere in EC I know of, other than from emissions from the MCCo coal fired powerplant in University Circle... which causes harm similar to what you suffered living near a steel mill in your youth...

EC is the safest place in real NEO, because we know and care about lead poisoning here.

My kids were poisoned in a comunity where the leadership does not care about lead poisoning, and has not cared for too damn long. It is the fault of Shaker Heights leadership, at the individual level - Shaker Heights.

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BTW - nobody gives a damn about lead poisoned adults

So nobody cares if you are lead poisoned, Kieth.

Society doesn't care who is lead poisoned, really, as we need to keep those prison guards and cops employed.

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lead poisoning in Cuyahoga County

lead poisoning in Cuyahoga County is so bad that if your child needs blood drawn, it is mandatory that they test for lead levels.....

Lead testing is mandatory at ages 1 and 2 in most zip codes

Lead testing is mandatory at ages 1 and 2 in most zip codes in Cuyahoga County... testing percentages are poor... most people never learn their kids are lead poisoned, and just blame kids for being poisoned.... beat them, put them on drugs, etc.

My kids get tested and now my kids hate doctors.. they've been stuck too many times already.

Our system for testing and local doctor responsibility is pathetic... my kids' suburban pediatrician is so isolated from the reality of lead poisoning, she refuses to call my parents to discuss the problem about my children, even doctor to doctor, and we've asked her multiple times.

It does not help that the entire system is aligned to poison children.

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