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 Yesterday, at Cleveland City Hall, Councilman Joe Cimperman, City Planning Commission Director Robert Brown, Tremont West Development Board member Henry Senyak and 2nd District Cleveland Police Commander Keith Sulzer led the discussions among twenty plus attendees on Proposed Zoning changes that will take place in the coming year.

These discussions covered legislative changes that will aid the police and other enforcement units in providing clarity and on-sight information necessary in taking the appropriate action when called out.  The round table discussions also covered bars/restaurant/nightclubs by way of outlaying and devising a more synchronized system for the departments of the City of Cleveland's officials to keep track of establishment compliance, licenses and permits, which would include Certificates of Occupancy.

Input was also taken from a number of residents from several areas, members of City Council, Ron O'Leary, Dept of Building and Housing and Detective John Graves.

The one and one half hour session ended on a positive note and that everyone present was in agreement that the suggested changes would be good and that everyone would be looking forward to these new changes being put in play.

Commander Keith Sulzer did an excellent job in presenting the problematic areas of enforcing the current laws and codes especially for police officers.   The Commander also provided a number of noteworthy considerations and strategies for rectifying some of these preplexities.

Councilman Cimperman also did a great job in supporting these changes including delegating task to the appropriate departments.  The Councilman was adament in these changes being ready and put in place by February 2010. 

Henry Senyak prepared and provided a clear and detailed list of Proposed Zoning Use Definitions.  He was also instrumental in bringing home the point and importance of defining use being denoted on licenses, permits and variances for each establishment. 

The ad-hoc committee will be scheduling another meeting, date and time not yet determined. 






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A big step forward.

Proposed Zoning Changes

Could anyone summarize or provide a link to the proposed zoning changes and post here at REALNEO?  Thanks to all above--for your civic action to combat the inaction!

(Henry Senyak--you were seen on your light brigade rounds in Brooklyn Centre...thank you!!!)