Today we hope to determine the answer is yes ICEarth Should Be Developed In Real NEO

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 05/05/2010 - 08:00.

About two months ago I asked the question: Should ICEarth Be Developed In Real NEO Or Elsewhere In The World? In general, the response has been to develop here, and a Strategic Technology Analyst for the Cuyahoga County Department Of Development has asked for a brief overview of my development plans for the activities I propose for Cuyahoga County to help make Northeast Ohio The Open Source Capitol of the Brightest Greenest State of Earth.

My activities are currently reflected as outcomes of initiatives I have founded here - In+TIME, ICEarth, LLC., Star Neighborhood Development, LLC., 7GEN, LLC, Bigbang Tech, and realNEO - leading to development of real coop - leading to my proposed real coop info and food initiatives - all are founded on my mission: To collaborate with intellectuals to optimize the value of information technology on Earth for all - all have been developed and documented for over 5 years on the free, open source forum realNEO - Regional Economics Action Links For North East Ohio.

In the beginning of this development process, I founded realNEO to provide the region with an open source content management system where all citizens may permanently publish, store and share our personal thoughts, ideas, plans and other valuable intellectual property, for collaboration with other citizens of the world, with respect for individual ownership rights, to improve the world with open source information technology. That process has been successful. RealNEO is an immense repository of exceptionally valuable intellectual property of many citizens, used by the world to better the world.

Aspects of growing realNEO offer economic opportunity for Northeast Ohio, as this has proved to be a valuable universal application of important technologies with growing market and social importance, and realNEO makes Northeast Ohio a world-leader in this field, in a universally unique way - we are a cooperative - real coop. The growth potential of realNEO and real coop as organizations - job creators - is staggering, and will be left to later analyses.... think Google meets YouTube meets Facebook, for the real world, on the whole Earth.

To deliver on this promise, we built the world's most powerful computers, for the world's fastest communications networks, to provide the world's greatest information services, to be made available to all citizens of the world, to the individual, for Universal Access. To Accomplish this we have developed the world's most powerful open source computers in their class - Bigbang Tech - running specially developed Linux optimized for the needs of the community we are optimizing - Northeast Ohio.

Bigbang computers are designed to make Northeast Ohio the Open Source Capitol of the Brightest Greenest State of Earth in many ways.

Bigbang computers are built and programmed locally in NEO for NEO - creating local information technology jobs at many levels here. We call that business model Local Info (similar in concept to Local Food). Local Info has a smaller carbon footprint than foreign IT - and is better for national security - and our priority is to be the brightest and greenest tech company in the world by providing optimal Local Info everywhere local in the world... with Northeast Ohio as our capitol.

The distro of Linux we have developed for our Bigbang computers - ICEarth Linux - is a modified version of Ubuntu Linux designed to run the latest available computing technologies - we are developing Linux drivers to run new hardware not developed for Linux, and we are making other modifications to the Linux code for our distro. We continue to keep all this work available in the open source community, and encourage collaboration around the open source development of all our brightest greenest computing initiatives, which are all open source as well.

How we are applying this in the community, besides providing realNEO, supporting real coop, and offering ICEarth Linux and Bigbang Tech here (with the jobs they create), is to propose that local, regional and state government shift significant computing activities to open source - and buy local computers and programming - to save taxpayers money now spent on licensed software products, and to improve the performance and value of our government computing services.

A good example of what we propose is to move county workers off of obsolete Windows personal computers to combinations of open source netbooks and thin desktops, reducing hardware and software costs while dramatically increasing data access and technology performance at all levels, starting with each individual internal county stakeholder.

An example of what we propose at the County enterprise level is to take our government geographic information systems open source, with an optimized systems integration that will put county data and the power of the world's most resourceful planning and modeling tools in the hands of county planners and all citizens, for free.

Like with realNEO - now in our 6th year - everything I describe here is already well in operations, and we have the technology to complete this work. In fact, some realNEO members have already had the chance to check out ICEarth Linux and Bigbang computers in action, and see what open source GIS alone offers this community.

A few months ago I asked the question, should ICEarth stay in NEO, and the posting attracted lots of traffic and interest. Today we hope to determine the answer is yes ICEarth Should Be Developed In Real NEO.