Question of the Day: Should ICEarth Be Developed In Real NEO Or Elsewhere In The World?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 03/11/2010 - 02:03.

It is stunning to me to realize I have sitting on my desk next to me right now the ICEarth Bigbang One - one of the world's fastest personal supercomputers - developed and assembled with true genius right here in Northeast Ohio, by a homegrown team including some of the world's best open source programmers - and, tomorrow we are launching an even faster laptop supercomputer - it appears the fastest laptop ever in the world - running all open source software and a special distro of Linux - ICEarth Linux - designed to transform information management for all citizens of the world...

...and to grow ICEarth as an enterprise, now, I may need to relocate all this from Northeast Ohio, because of our leaders' lack of understanding of and appreciation for our real NEO innovations and our contributions to the new economy.

If there have ever been champions of innovation in the new economy, in Northeast Ohio and on Earth, they are on realNEO. Yet, we don't get respect in our home town.

If there has ever been technology to transform and innovate the new economy, it is with ICEarth. Yet, we don't get respect in our home town.

Whatever your understanding is of ICEarth - hardware, software or information services cooperative - know it will create lots of GREAT JOBS wherever it is based.

Will Northeast Ohio leaders come to understand, acknowledge and support ICEarth before it is too late to keep our core development here?

That, I believe, is a question for realNEO members to help answer, over the next few days.

At the end of this week, I'm taking our ICEarth computers to Austin, Texas, for SXSW - the first of many conferences where we must showcase ICEarth - and I need to know if I am going as an ambassador for real NEO, or just as a realNEO member looking for a new home for my technology enterprises.

ICEarth may now provide the technologies and conceptual foundations for which realNEO and real coop were developed. The collaborative development of all three conceptual entities together - the realNEO portal and content management system... ICEarth data systems optimization ... REAL cooperative ownership - is core to realigning information technology properly, worldwide, for all..

Any real realNEO members who are interested to see ICEarth stay in NEO? I need you to take a proactive stand.

My outreaches to our leadership to recognize and learn about ICEarth are being shunned, so I welcome other realNEO members to give your contacts a shout to see if any of them care if this enterprise leaves the region.

I'm available for the next 48 hours or so to meet and discuss this in NEO, before leaving for Austin, if anyone here cares to learn what our community is at risk of losing. I may be reached here at realNEO, at norm [at] realneo [dot] us and 216-688-5221, whether in NEO or anywhere in the world.

Good luck in saving ICEarth in real NEO, realNEO.

ICEarth Conceptual Framework, now being executed:

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A specialized high performance Linux quad-core beast featuring AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition processor, Gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H Motherboard, with Easy Energy Saver technology, Sapphire Radeon HD 5750 Vapor-X, Dual Channel DDR3 1666+ for remarkable system performance, 2 PCI-E 2.0 x16 interface with ATI CrossFireX/ Hybrid CrossFireX support for ultimate graphics performance, designed, built and optimized for professional high definition video and audio processing and production, to any scale, entirely open source, in a box

A very special box, designed for this highest computing purpose, and so best serving all information needs of everyman, the ICEarth Bigbang One runs ICEarth Linux, bringing the latest state of the art technology to the real world.

Internet Community Earth is now in the process of being SKYROCKETED to places the mind can't even come to imagine. BIG BANG 1 is a machine that will scare people.

Not only is it one of the fastest computers you will see or use, but it can do things that you couldn't possibly imagine, as we programmed it from scratch. It has many different world-class technology companies involved, Including: gigabyte, AMD, sony, gskill, antec, a-power, hitachi, western digital, seagate, Sapphire, and PC MEDIC.

The construction of this computer is made to stay cool. The computer's design is amazing - the cleanliness of wires, the constructive wire routing, the cool antec case that keeps everything at a certain temperature, the speed control temp sensor fans, all of this comes into play when trying to create and implement a solid clean working computer.

The hardware programming also comes into play. Setting up correct voltages, and memory speeds/ratios is very necessary.

This video was uploaded from a Nexus One Android 2.1

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 are there geographic boundaries?

People aren't virtual

We need an address.

Disrupt IT

Right now the business cards read 17400 Shaker

Since my parents put up the money to accomplish this, theirs is the only address for ICEarth.

People shall not come to their house to build computers.

They don't want this at their address - they think other people should be leaders of this community, now, or we should move on.

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we'll be moving

out of our rental soon enough - you can use that address... everyone else seems to - convicted felons - junkies an ICE station will be nuthin.

oh forget it-

forget it - I just read your post about green and fresh...

we're on the edge of the industrial pit.

Our server is under constant attack

We don't feel particularly safe having one of the world's fastest computers in our home in East Cleveland, where we are already under constant attack.

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Our bandwidth sucks

Where we live, we have few high speed internet options, and the type of work we are doing actually requires speed.

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to build the world's brightest greenest computers

We build computers, which means people go somewhere and do physical things - screws get driven, stuff gets moved around, packages shipped - the people doing all this need to know where to go, and it should be convenient for workers, to build the world's brightest greenest computers.

Disrupt IT

Many communities will be happy to invest in ICEarth

ICEarth is a dream-come-true company for any community.

Communities with innovative economic development folks, and forward-thinking leaders, want ICEarth to call their home our home.

Disrupt IT

We must be in a community supportive of our innovation

We are constantly fighting against the system to drive innovation here - we need to build and develop our products where the market is receptive to and supportive of our innovations - our community must be supporters - we are building the world's best computers and every market has demand for that... our home market should be our biggest supporters.

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We need our old media to support our new media

We need our old media to suppurt our new media - rather than treat citizens as competition

Disrupt IT

We will be in a community that lives, breathes and dies open

Open means OPEN for business in every way - open access to economic development opportunity - open access to government - open access to education - OPEN.

Open also means FOSS meaning Free Open Source Software - meaning we need a community seriously committed to taking our core community technologies and applications open, throughout government, education and our culture.

Austin is doing this - the world is doing this - our home community shall do this.

We will be in a community that lives, breathes and dies open, for ICEarth

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Our home shall be the brightest and greenest

The community where we shall base ICEarth shall be committed to being the brightest and greenest community on Earth.

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The Political Gangster

                                               You know i would really like for this opportunity to be birthed right here in NEO where we can grow. BUT!!!!!! It seems as though the leaders don't care about opportunity, so a choice has to be made. If i had something as good as this and knew what good it can do for not only a communtiy, but the WORLD; WOW man i wouldn't let that sit because it would be where it is appreciated. It would be a shamed to let it leave though. Where are our leaders? Don't let this Big Bang leave NEO we need it!!!!


We need an address.

Doesn't an Internet backbone run down Euclid Avenue? Wouldn't a location near Euclid be a possibility? If I remember correctly, there are several Internet-related businesses in the Playhouse Square area. If you're not ready for market rents, have you considered an incubator, such as that run by MAGNET?

I started ICEarth in a Telecom Incubator in CA

There's plenty of vacant real estate here for anything. What is market rate? I think that is free.

As a former real estate broker and developer, I'm very comfortable wheeling and dealing leases anywhere in the world - where does one begin in Cleveland?!?! Land Bank? With who?

I don't know of any special deals for bandwidth in Cleveland... Ethernet Anywhere from Expedient seems to be a good product, but not cheap.

I live in East Cleveland, within a block of Euclid, and negotiated the city's high-bandwidth deal with One Community, several years ago, but there aren't special deals for us with any of them.

Where we assemble computers and do some hosting, in Old Brooklyn, bandwidth options are limited and expensive.  We can put our servers in a data center here and I'm checking prices - nothing special about Cleveland with any of that - a bigger market would probably be more cost competitive - and more major market data centers would be interested in our work... we need innovative technology partners at every level.

I started ICEarth in a telecom incubator in California and that served me very well - especially being in the San Francisco area. I don't find there is anything comparable here.

I know IT companies that simply moved from the suburbs to downtown Cleveland were offered incentives and benefits - do such opportunities exist today and for who? Who decides?

Buy a house in Cleveland and get a tax abatement... what is offered businesses? Where does one find out?

Third frontier - film tax credit money - grants - development loans - there are $ millions in incentives here, for which we should qualify - 100s of people paid to help business succeed here - somewhere.

Where is all that?

At this point we are operational and workload is primarily programming, which happens all over the world, centered in Old Brooklyn/Parma, and computer design and assembly, which happens in Old Brooklyn. We are growing the business development side and establishing our general systems for scaling production.

There are interesting jobs ahead with fields like industrial and graphic design, manufacturing, marketing, supply chain and logistics... all sorts of opportunities for the community offered by the enterprise.

The application development and hardware initiatives are merged in interesting server-side developments that offer other opportunities for the community. Some of that activity will be with manufacturing and some in data centers, which may be in Cleveland - the programming is again virtual.

I wrote this on what is probably the world's fastest laptop - running Linux - ICEarthed right in Old Brooklyn.

No matter what happens next, we made miracles happen here, getting to this stage, and that is an excting shared accomplishment.

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re: I started ICEarth in a Telecom Incubator in CA

As a former real estate broker and developer, I'm very comfortable wheeling and dealing leases anywhere in the world - where does one begin in Cleveland?!?! Land Bank? With who?

I know nothing about leases, but it seems that many buildings with vacancies have "For Lease" signs with a phone number. Perhaps you could identify some possible locations and go from there?

As to the rest of your questions ... I've had a little experience with one incubator and the people who staffed it were very willing to give advice. If you had a good experience in CA, perhaps it would be worth contacting the MAGNET incubator and seeing if they could at least identify some relevant local contacts.

Congratulations on what you and the ICEarth team have accomplished thus far!

We put too much into real estate here already

My family got screwed in real estate here... undisclosed powerplants and other toxic hazards... we're loosing $100,000s so not seeking out property to buy or lease around here any more - smart real estate agents should be finding ICEarth.

The folks at Magnet should read REALNEO and know about ICEarth... I don't know that they've ever shown support in the past 5 years ... I don't recall any Magnet postings here... I'll touch base and see what they know.

We shouldn't be a mystery to anyone in the know in NEO now.