Videophone Help

Submitted by marccanter on Mon, 03/23/2009 - 00:48.

Wouldn't it be great if a community could use videophone technology - like what you can get for free from Skype - to help each other?

If someone had a question - all they'd have to do is videophone up somebody and ask an answer.

The idea is that experts can support newbies in almost any area - and vice versa.

So if you were working on a home repair job or winterizing and you needed an experts advice, you could find him/her.

And if they needed help in creating a web site or balancing your companies books - they could help you.

Lawyers could ask help of plumbers, teachers could support sports coaches or bike riders.  Welders could help our car salesmen.

Fancy Citizen Dashboard software can keep track of the bartering, support and tradeoffs made - but this sort fo community self - support can happen manually with a little effort.

We all can rely upon each  to get us through this "mess" Wall St has put us in.

I'd like to add that to the "COMPLAINING" Killer Ap...

Imagine discussing a problem with someone at City Hall, through the Citizen Dashboard, through the 311 center, to the Customer Care representative who dispatches the crew to fix my pothole, all before my eyes.

Why not?

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