Can Online Social Networking Find a Lost Dog?

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Wed, 06/14/2006 - 23:57.


I saw this sign on a telephone pole on Clifton Blvd. a few blocks east of W117th on Wednesday June 14th. I was impressed by how much someone obviously missed their dog and I wished I could help. It was n't practical or even possible for me to stop the car and start searching this Edgewater-Cleveland area. But, I had my camera with me and I though of a way to get the word out -- by posting it on Realneo. Have you ever lost a pet? What did you do to try to get him back? How much would you offer as a reward? Please post any advice you might have.

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no advice

Oh my I can only dream of how the owner(s) can feel. The only way I've ever lost a pet is by having to put it down because it got hit by a car. I hope that this post will encourage people to start keeping an eye out for Jensen and other cats and dogs that have been lost.
 Oh...and don't go out and buy a cat or dog that looks exactly like the cat or dog that will listen to the name Jensen or any other that is just cruel because that means you have given up looking for a poor helpless animal that could possibly be in real danger or just REALLY hungry and thirsty and lonely being chased by another bigger even smaller animal and it could be hurt. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't go to the pet shop and buy a cat or dog for the money. Also don't, if you find the pet, dont keep it for yourself. Just go out there sometime this weekend or any other time and look for a lost pet. Hey who knows you may wind up getting the money to do with as you please. Happy hunting!♥

GIS 4 lost and found


Hello Graci!

Around Easter I posted a painting of Hopper the found RealNeo rabbit.  When we found Hopper (who is very friendly and has a sense of humor),  I was very frustrated by the analog technology available.   I checked Craig's list - no lost and found.  I could telephone the two contiguous towns and leave my tel. no. and a descrip. of Hopper...but was anyone going to call the towns and seek Hopper?

So Martha and I began to kick around the idea of a Google site where one would submit the long. lat. coordinates of the lost   animal, and when anyone put in their request to find a lost animal they could search by proximity (and animal description, i.e. dog, cat, rabbit) to the coordinates from which the animal was lost. 

You techies out do we get this going?   Let's keep track or our pets!

If all pet owners cared as much as Jensen's owner ...

Jensen is obviously very loved and his owner seems to have enough money to care for him well. It make me think of the huge differences that exit in the quality of pet care in America. Some people care so little for their pets, letting them go neglected without clean water, food, shelter, proper medical care, and neutering. But, I know the internet is helping some pets find homes -- many animal rescue groups use the internet well.

Jeff's idea is brilliant --

Jeff's idea is brilliant -- I can't believe a site like this does n't exist already since there are so many animal lovers. I see a lot of lost dog and cat flyers posted to telephone poles in my neighborhood, so there is definitely a need. Having an online element would make the search so much more effective.

Easy enough to provide the site... who will maintain

Contact the animal protection folks - start with Bick Goddard - and see if they will get together to maintain such a site for the bigger picture - it will also centralize finding pets to adopt, disposing of unwanted animals without killing them or sending them to overloaded facilities (when others may have demand for kittens, for example). For people who lost animals, they can post the pet's pictures and people could forum so if they see something they can post where - and you wouldn't have these crooks tricking owners of lost animals into paying when they don't have the pet (I know someone who got fooled like that).