Question of the Day: Forums versus Blog entries

Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 07/15/2009 - 13:37.

Recently, it became obvious that a great site like gets a lot of traffic with comments and lively dialogue on topics that include local politics. 

Why do people feel more comfortable with the forum format rather than commenting to the blog entry format?  Users at REALNEO grasp the blog format more than the forum format, but REALNEO does offer the option :

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Fourums and CoKe

I’m not commenting you comment….

You crazy tell them what you think and they will poke out your eyes….and you know.

Shut up…

No you shut up…..

Here is piece of pie would you like some?

Asshole everybody else gets a piece first!

It’s sweet potatoes don’t eat it.

Why cause it was cooked by a blAck?

No….you narrow minded bigoted capitalist racist pig, because it was not chilled correctly, if you been reading you would know that.

My puter is phishing….

Hahha did it catch a fish?

Your such an idiot, not that kind of fish

Do you wash your and before you use the computer if it has a virus?


Will they post the video of the horse being killed?

Will I have to adjust my scale for the change in gravity?

Only if you have plate in your head.



Enough said….yEt?


Yeah like did you see the haircut on that Yettie?

Hey have you noticed that Tucker Carlson is not on TV

Yeah he changed?


Yeah How?

He is now Rachel Maddow and Liberal


Civil discourse

  I asked a friend about UrbanOhio.  This site has generally succeeded in generating helpful dialogue and information on HOW to live TOGETHER in urban areas.

I think that the forumers richncincy and coldayman are the owners/founders of UrbanOhio. I think that mayday, who is in Cleveland, operates, and has written a book on downtown architecture, is also one of the key players.

As for income, I think that they just try to cover their operating costs. Contributions by members are something new that started earlier this year, and I believe that that money was used to upgrade the site, eliminate the need for some advertisements, printing t-shirts and other promotional materials, etc.

Now, if his explanation is not quite right...please attack me.  I am just trying to understand and give credit, although sometimes, it's best not to understand and just go with the flow :)

In any case, my respect goes out to the folks who participate and try to make sense of community living.