Question of the Day? How LONG does the CON continue?

Submitted by lmcshane on Thu, 07/02/2015 - 07:23.

 How long does the Greater Cleveland Partnership through Northeast Ohio Media Group - keep the CON alive?

How many milllions of dollars are given to Cleveland Schools and the "Land Bank" - two entities that have no accountability built into the equation?

The administration of the Mayoral-controlled Cleveland Metropolitan School District has had a longer time to play their con and NEOMG can always spin the achievements there - but the "Land Bank" established in 2009 - should it be able to run on fumes for a bit longer??  

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Land Bank is destroying potential for REAL recovery in NEO

 Land Banks - like CDCs - use federal monies to assist developers. Their existence is parasitic. They have to justify their existence with an endless pool of properties to demolish and/or flip to preferred LLCs like Cleveland Bricks in Cleveland. Smart communities stay clear of federal monies that are part of this ploy. The only folks making out are mob demo contractors and there are ways to camouflage kickbacks by "contributions" to CDCs like Detroit Shoreway in Northeast Ohio. The federal government needs to shut down the whole fraud of HUD monies used for "community development."

Propaganda on the Cleveland Plan for Schools