Question of the Day: What Percentage of the Bat Boys Were Lead Poisoned as Babies?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 08/19/2009 - 00:47.

As I sat on my front porch, around 10 PM this evening, a group of about a dozen teenage boys could be seen and heard approaching from Euclid, shouting "where you from" for all to hear. One of the little g's from across the street (who recently broke into another neighbors' house) was walking toward them, but turned and ran back to his porch... until he recognized them, and he joined them.

"Where you from?", they asked. "I'm from Wadena", they replied.

Wadena is the street behind my house, which is even more distressed than my Roxbury... and kids from there seem to be raging on Roxbury. They have tagged the apartment building at the Euclid end, and have tagged the stop sign and street on our end.

As the teens walked past our house, they looked over but didn't show any friendship or good energy - no smiles and waves of "howdy, neighbor" - they were there to issue a threat. One carried a bat, like was used to smash two of our back windows, to break into our home, a few weeks ago... which was left on our bed as a threat, we now assume.

We've since installed a fence around the back of our property. And, we have a 120 pound Cane Corso on guard, at all times. And we are now always on guard, at all times.

Who don't seem on guard are the East Cleveland police, who will not even respond to calls in this neighborhood.

And, who don't seem on guard are the little gangsters, who know they will never be pursued or caught.

And, who don't seem on guard are the parents, foster parents and social workers responsible for these juvenile delinquents.

And, who don't seem on guard are 100s of complacent older-timer neighbors who just seem to try and ignore or shut all this out at their front doors, letting their neighborhood be ruined by a bunch of juvenile delinquents.

And, who don't seem on guard are our community leaders, at all levels, who do not come into the trenches and learn and address our core problems with intelligence and sincerity.

I've never been anywhere in the world with such hostile youths, and uncaring adults, and I've been to many of the most distressed, impoverished, hurt places on Earth. Living in the inner-city of NEO is a heart-shattering experience, especially as you realize how ignorant and uncaring the outside world is to the plights of the people in these communities.

I wonder how many of these teen gangsters were severely lead poisoned as babies, and throughout their lives. My expectation is 100%.

Big Trouble

Hello Norm,

You have some big trouble in your area.  I feel bad for you.  Keep bringing this to the attention of the community and the law enforcement...don't become another apathetic neighbor. 

Also, I wonder if these teens get tested for lead poisoning when they are caught?  And, if so, how many test positive.  It is a scary thought that our youth are being poisoned, but that would at least explain their bad behavior.

Crime and lead poisoning are correlated

There have been analyses elsewhere showing a high correlation between prison, violence and high childhood lead poisoning levels, and adult lead poisoning. In East Cleveland we have one of the highest lead poisoning rates in America. Many of the kids in my neighborhood are being poisoned in their homes and yards daily. Further, many of the kids making trouble in my neighborhood are here because they have had troubles in their lives, in their homes, and personally, often associated with violence, statistically likely to be associated with lead poisoning.

While I don't have the data available to me, I can say as that this combination of factors will likely be reflected in a correlation of teen violence and lead exposure in life, in real NEO.

That we don't already have that proved and factored into actions, with analyses of actual local data, shows how primitive is our regional planning and understanding of real issues of sustainability, human physiology and the environment.

Disrupt IT

Bat boys

  East Cleveland is New Orleans is Colombia...this the intentional outcome of an economic system predicated on greed and fueled by racism.  Lead poisoning is everywhere, but it does not explain your bat boys.

The combination of the black

The combination of the black destruction of Cleveland which was fully implemented by forced school integration via busing and Section 8 housing has now created all black suburbs. These cities are now called “inner ring suburbs”, and they are now lumped in with Cleveland as communities that need to be saved by regionalizing. There are numerous once prosperous white cities which are now all black and experiencing the effects of blackness; high crime, poor schools, street after street of foreclosures. East Cleveland, Maple Heights, Euclid, Bedford are examples. While once restricted to the east side, now west side cities are under pressure. Lakewood and Parma are now finding out about the joys of diversity.
I just hope there are enough whites left with a sense of racial
identity to stop this insanity.

The 10%+ of REALNEO that is African American...

The 10%+ of REALNEO that is African American, 30% that is non-caucasian, and probably about 99% of everyone else on REALNEO would disagree... including me.

I've been thinking about what has caused the problems in my neighborhood and it is pollution (by white owned businesses, I assure you) harming generations of residents... black and every shade of skin... probably your parents and then you, if you were raised in "Cleveland"... if you were raised near any freeways and much industry you were contaminated and your genes mutated - kids mutated.

White mutants vs. black mutants??!... toss-up.

I feel much safer living in EC with 99% blacks than in the more contaminated mostly white near westside, so I find living with blacks safer than living with whites, and I am white.

However, I do not find it safe living with any polluted and mutated people, so I do not find most parts of Northeast Ohio especially safe.

And I sure wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley... something tells me you are heavily armed.

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Disrupt IT