Question of the Day: What Place is the Center of Your Universe

University Circle looks

University Circle looks tranquil in the photo you posted Norm.  Now if we can just get the roadways leading to it in all directions to look just as tranquil, wouldn't that be a great accomplishment. 

I had thoughts about making

I had thoughts about making University Circle my center. Warrensville Center and Chagrin would be my center for now. That’s a default geographical center and was not a conscious decision. I did not pick the geographical center, beyond that of the place I choose to live, I made that my center. The building I live in has enough going on to be a complete center for me. I live were I work.

I have the seven year itch, and think alot about were do I go from here?

I am wonder who is driving the bus these days, can we take turns?

Great question

  Norm--it used to be home and neighborhood, but more and more, it seems we have some anomie with the places we live.  James Kuntsler will speak at Cleveland Public Library on Sunday, March 14th 2010.  His book Geography of Nowhere chronicles this ill--but for me, his real provocative read is World Made by Hand.

But, to answer your question--it's hard to find peace in the day-to-day noise.  I wish I could be someone who found solace meeting up with folks at a church or as part of some sports team.  I used to enjoy sports more and going to hear music. 

Looking out at my garden provides a center to my world and having a nice dinner makes me happy.   In the summer--the center of my world would be Lincoln Park Pool :)

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Nemein is to distribute

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related to Anomie and law and relative customs.

Sometimes a profound message comes across in a single word.

That leads to other messages.

So what is the answer to the ever evasive piece of mind, knowledge and a repository of it?

As so that people can all be held accountable to that knowledge.

Its a wonderful life ...

For the last 20 years University Circle has been the center of my universe. As a junior in high school I began taking Saturday and summer classes at CIA. I thought I was so cool hanging out sketching (and smoking) by the lagoon. Back then I might as well have been traveling to an exotic foreign country it was all so new and exciting for me. My westside family went to the museums less than once a year. They found University Circle confusing to drive around and thought the surrounding neighborhood was crime ridden and dangerous (both of which are still true). Later, at CSU, as an undergrad I was always thrilled to have to go to the CMA to research art history papers. When I got accepted to Case as an Art History Masters Student I thought life couldn't get any better.  Now I get mad at myself every time I miss an exhibition that I meant to see at one of the institutions -- i should never take for granted all the great art and culture I have access to now that I work in University Circle and live only minutes away. I should remind myself more often that I am living the life I only dreamed of in high school and its even better than I imagined-- how luck I am?