Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Fri, 11/19/2010 - 03:08.

How do we preserve the legacy comprehensively? 

How do you feel about starting a "BUILDING FUND" for a REALNEO LIBRARY and CAFE that will be a central location for all "ED's" to leave their historical evidence for the duration? 

Can REALNEO add a "DONATE" icon that is strictly for such a plan? 

I have a starter location idea... if anyone is interested.

soulfoodheader3.JPG93.49 KB
NoCataniaRestaurantSign650.JPG100.07 KB
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can sammy catania be the manager of REAL NEO CAFE & LIBRARY

Guy, I was thinking of you for the job...

Guy, I was thinking of you for the job of manager... and punching bag

Sammy can make the expresso... I hear he is a wizz in a kitchen.

Good job while in prison too.

Disrupt IT

No, But we can make a NO CATANIA's Sign at the door...

We'll have to make one of those signs with Catania's photo and a big red line slashed across the front that says NO CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS PERMITTED.... lmao.

Here is your basic No Catanias sign

Here is your basic No Catanias sign... perfect for stickers to mark entire neighborhoods (done in all of East Cleveland - recommended for Tremont)...

And here is the image in use on outdoor signage at a restaurant in Laramie, Wyoming (this lights up at night)... seems realNEO is read all across America...

Excellent Buffalo burgers here in Laramie... the Chuckwagon

realNEO soulfood of the day!

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Excellent header

You are the best, Norm.

I will make color copies and pass them out.

Can you put your skills to work and make a header of Sammy marching for me?

I would love to see the sixth picture on the top row duplicated numerous times and made into a header.  I want to see Sammy marching on realneo.

I tried to get Lum's to open a restaurant in Tremont...

I tried to get Lum's to open a restaurant in Tremont... "Best in the World" Bar B Que and all...

They said "Too Near Catania... we'll stay in Texas where we are safe. Catanias can't mess with Texas."

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Now Change Pepsi to CUYAHOGA COUNTY...and add Dimora & Russo

Hey, how about making a 3 stooges one that includes Russo, Dimora, & Catania...with a Cuyahoga County a New County Banner???? Love That sign!!!! Great food for the soul!!!! 

Send postcards....we collect them!!! Thanks, Norm! 

The Chuckwagon would need a very big sign

The Chuckwagon would need a very big sign... there are far more than three stooges in Cuyahoga County leadership...

They'd need a billboard!

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How about a video with bobble heads-"WE ARE THE WORLD!"

We could change the lyrics to suit their actions, bobble head them into the video, and let it go viral!