Realneo Alert Level - Now a National Standard

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 08/26/2009 - 17:55.
Realneo Alert Level - Now a National Standard

Homeland Security has recently added Realneo to its list of barometric national stability and safety indicators.  I would have missed this prescient US government recognition of the forecasting significance of Realneo’s contributors if it weren’t for Adam Harvey’s keen eye (and psychiatric bent) over at Black Heart Cleveland. Credit for original image goes, with hat tip,  to Mr. Harvey.  


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  I noticed this awhile back.  A good take on REALNEO.   We need to laugh more.  Thanks Adam. 

Dickhead Cleveland

Haven't found the charm or gotten the joke of these assholes yet

Perhaps they are like cancer....

Disrupt IT

Laura, do you know Adam Harvey?

Because I want to meet him and find out why he is attacking me and my family.

Not forgiven. Help set up a meeting.


Disrupt IT

clue in, Norm

of cOUrse she does.........

Never met the guy

  Dbra--I have never met Adam, but I spoke with him on the phone.  He and Jeff Schuler are some of the only folks in town promoting and using open source content management system Drupal.  I work for a library.  CPL's site uses Drupal.  End of story.

What Drupal sites does Adam Harvey supporr?

I thought Adam worked in IT at the County - are they using Drupal anywhere at the County?

We're about to start some work with the County that involves Drupal development here, so we certainly all need to get on the same page.

We're planning on working with Acquia on developing our regional and global Drupal strategy, as they are founded by the inventor of Drupal, and have access to the best Drupal and other FOSS developers in the world.

Obviously, all local IT folks, Drupal and otherwise, will be included in this development process, as it is a local workforce and economic development initiative.

Nothing less will do.

Disrupt IT

feel free

to pull my posted image in as a header image, Jeff B... i couldn't get it to do that and the one you have posted now sucks ass...

I can still LAUGH

  And, I think that the header is me crazy :) 

Congrats on your show, Dbra-- at Steve Mastroianni's Gallery and office in Tremont.  It's on a major throughfare (West 14th St.), convenient to everywhere--so no excuses REALNEO. 

As my favorite local toddler, David says, Peace OUT>>>>!