Racism in CLE fuels Real Estate scams by Safeguard, Land Bank and Forest City

NFHA finds Fannie Mae discriminatory

But Plain Dealer article doesn't mention connection to OH-based mortgage field service provider Safeguard Properties.


To: "nfha [at] nationalfairhousing [dot] org" <nfha [at] nationalfairhousing [dot] org> 

Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 6:47 AM

Subject: Safeguard Properties Complaint


I noticed that you folks filed a complaint against Safeguard Properties alleging discrimination relative to the failure to properly safeguard / maintain property in minority concentrated areas.

I believe that Safeguard Properties has engaged in the same conduct in my area - Cleveland, Ohio.

Now my county's land bank - Cuyahoga County Land Bank - is giving Safeguard Properties 100's of FREE properties with the possibility of receiving 1000's of free taxpayer's property.

Some of the mortgage companies are also giving or nearly giving Safeguard Properties free houses.

All of the property which my county and the mortgage companies are giving Safeguard Properties was minority concentrated and one of the hardest hit areas with the foreclosure crisis (Slavic Village area). This is a major conflict of interest for my county's land bank and mortgagees to GIVE Safeguard Properties blighted property which they were hired to properly safeguard in the first place.

The NAACP Legal Defense recently sent a warning letter to my county's officials warning them of alleged discrimination regarding the sale of tax liens. Minority property owners were hit hard with tax lien foreclosures, while other non-minority areas got away without paying property taxes for years and now owe nearly as much in delinquent property taxes than the property's value.

The same officials which picked and chose which tax liens to sell are now GIVING AWAY FREE PROPERTY to Safeguard Properties.

Johnathan Smith from the NAACP Legal Defense sent a warning letter dated 3/4/14 to our county officials. Our county was featured in the Washington Post's expose on tax lien sales. I contacted Mr. Smith yesterday and made him aware of our county giving Safeguard Properties free property. I hope you folks look into this disturbing development in my county.

Some of the areas in my county are completely wiped out. Acres that were once minority housing are now planned for major high class apartment development with rent starting at over $1,000 per month. The minorities who once owned this property will never be able to afford this expensive rent.

Safeguard Properties is partnering with a demolition company and traveling the country promoting demolition. Safeguard Properties is supposed to preserve property- not promote demolition.

Please look into Cleveland, Ohio and East Cleveland, Ohio (Cuyahoga County). Safeguard Properties has it's headquarters here and has been quite busy receiving free blighted property and promoting demolition.

GREAT $$ Fannie Mae pays Safeguard

And they DO nothing! Because they can in Northeast Ohio - where we can pay the "Land Bank" to demo the problem with taxpayers money!  Ch$ng, Ch$ng!  WIN-WIN for Safeguard Properties!! (oh, and then the CDCs can give the property cleared of tax liens by Land Bank to Forest City and Safeguard for ZERO dollars!) Cycle of doom.


The syndicate - cabal - whatever you want to call it - is sanctioned in Northeast Ohio by the NEOMG and their handlers, because so many folks GET AWAY with it and get hired to some created job to continue the loyalty plan (see Eugene Miller story).  


Nothing will change until POSSIBLY the federal government steps in and cleans house as with Dimora and Russo - but taking out the real players, instead, at fake "Land Bank" - as is happening in Indiana.