Realneo "comments" active - 2.6.12 update

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 02/06/2012 - 12:03.

   All "authenticated users" (an "authenticated user" is any user who has created a user account) of are now able to comment without moderation - comments do not pass through an "approval queue" ( the  Drupal software which runs realneo does have such a "comment approval queue" as an option - that option is not being used presently).   Spam comments ( comments - esp. commercially oriented - and/or links which are not rationally related to topic under which comment is placed)  will be deleted and the commenter's account blocked.   Comments containing gratuitous vulgarity and/or ad homenum content are strongly discouraged.   

NB  Another user permission option which Drupal offers is assigning "roles" (permissions) to every user.  The role of "commenter" has been added to the available roles - though is presently dormant.    Admin is looking to the future use of this role.

If you are an authenticated user and you would like to see comments and do not see "comments" below a realneo report -  please go to your user account, click on the edit tab, and click the comment box and click submit.  

Ever user has options in how they configure their own view of Realneo - If you do not wish to see comments - you may unclick the comment box in your user account and comments will not be displayed in the right hand block.

Thanks for your interest in and patience with Realneo.   And Thank You to those who have  contributed content and/or service and/or money to maintain Realneo.  Admin

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