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Time for spring cleaning and accepting the fact that finding a new nest
is not as easy as we fantasize it can be.

If the water is polluted, a fish must still swim. Upstream.

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April 16 1919

The images shown above are from the Cleveland Press--long buried under the floor boards of my house. Revealed today.


Jeff says: purpose of public meetings is to appease the public, make the public feel they are being consulted - while the other (real) purpose of the public meeting was often to put the stamp of approval on a private business plan using public money and public space.

I also posit that another purpose of public meetings is to identify the opposition and destroy them as we have seen happen here at REALNEO. 

Sadly, in a site like REALNEO, we have folks who "drop in" with multiple identities, create chaos, and leave because this is the new format of public meetings.   This should be possible to prevent by abolishing fake identities and only allowing one ID from one IP address. If another computer is used for REALNEO at a later date-administrators should be able to change the IP address. 

While anonymity allows the user to sometimes speak freely when they are bullied, it also generates intentional drama and chaos.  I think that we can all agree that if someone is too afraid to put their name on their thoughts at REALNEO, then they should not be here. 

There is no time left for FEAR at REALNEO or in the world.  We have to speak up loudly against the tyranny taking place.


Hypocrisy in NEO is at an all-time high.  There are two real administrators left at this site.  Man up.  Our policy should include a way to police against multiple accounts and postings. The Plain Dealer has some internal clock in their program that does not allow more than two postings within the span of an hour or so.  We can implement here, too.  Drupal 7 costs money to install, Norm.  This site has been running on the largesse of folks who have paid the server, not just good will.

A personal concern for our society is the new digital "memory," that can so easily erase crime and bury the evidence.  My greatest concern for the REALNEO site--is preserving the record.  This site provides real content and insight into our local history. If folks do post here--they should know that there will be an archived record of this site.  So THINK about what you post here.



Cleveland Memory

The Cleveland press

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Cleveland [Ohio] : Scripps Pub. Co., 1889-1960.

  Newspaper : Microfilm : English

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Spring in NEO

If you are impatient for SPRING--remember that the Cleveland Metroparks
Zoo has a greenhouse and on the east side the Rockefeller
Garden Greenhouse
--admission runs from reasonable to FREE.
I renewed my annual family pass today at the Zoo at the same time that a family
from Milwaukee joined--they are recently relocated to Cleveland. 
There is no better place
to watch wildlife and people than at the Cleveland Metroparks.


Imcshane - please tell the story behind old newspapers...

I can see one of the images is an old Cleveland Press - what year?  Have you been in the library archives?  They don't look too curated...

I wish I could go to the  National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. and see the 3,000 blooming cherry trees presented to the USA by Yukio Ozaki the Mayor of Tokyo, Japan, in 1912.  Wikipedia explains that it was a long process getting the gift accepted.  This year (2011) the peak blossom viewing is predicted to be between March 29 and April 1.    Who would have thought that a present of nursery trees would create such a vibrant, long lasting, impactful monument?  

Me!    Check the beautiful mosaic of cherry blossom images when you search and click on Google Images here.

The Past, The Present

 (see orginal post)--I found an entire April 16, 1919 newspaper when I removed age-old floor to floor carpeting the had lineoleum and burlap backing under that.  I've peeked under the carpet a few times and did not have the energy to remove it, until yesterday.  

The linoleum looked daunting to remove, but was actually quite easy.  I will publish more images from the newspaper.  It's a fascinating time capsule.  Nothing really changes.

We just need to find a way to make old NEW, again.  SPRING does that :)

(I am very concerned about library archives and preservation--but I don't have the time to expound this morning).


In Texas--blue bonnets bring out the tourists and residents for the annual flower photo.  We have a similar opportunity here in NEO as daffodils have been planted throughout NEO--especially at our cemeteries.

Fortunately, the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood is benefitting from a partnership with the American Daffodil Society--local contact Daniel Bellinger donated 1000 bulbs to the Brooklyn Centre Naturalists and these have been planted at homes and parks in our little Garden Community for naturalizing and dividing.

April 24-25, 2011, Cleveland, Ohio
Western Reserve Daffodil Society, Cleveland Botanical Garden, 11030 E. Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44106,
Contact: Dan Bellinger 341 Akron Rd., Wadsworth, OH 44281, (330) 336-6314, cuyahoga [at] neo [dot] rr [dot] com