Realneo Fund Drive - first since 2011

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 06/25/2015 - 13:07.


Image:  Peony in glass, 11" x 14" oil on canvas  Jane Causey 

The last Realneo fund drive took place in May, 2011.    Since that 2011 drive, the business entity operating has recieved a number of unsolicited donations which have covered the Realneo server, server back up, Post Box, and other incidental costs.    But, Realneo's finances are getting down to the bottom of the barrel.     So last week Admin got busy and found $75 in the Realneo Paypal account and sent out belated thank you emails to the  donors.  

Now, to be prudent, admin is posting this request to Realneo users for further donations.  Realneo has a monthly server cost (with constant automatic full back up of the entire site) of $37.50.   The PO box costs $66.00 per year.   There are occasional other minor costs - e.g.  Ohio Secretary of State.  

If a prospective donor has concerns or questions, please email Admin via the Contact link at the top of the Realneo home page or contact me.  

Please use the Paypal link in the Donate button at the top right of the home page (faster) or  you may mail a check to the RealCoop P.O. box  at the bottom of the home page.

Thank you to all the past donors whose civic interest,  provided content,  and financial support has maintained Realneo for over 10 years - and thank you in advance to Realneo's prospective supporters! 

Jeff Buster for Realneo Admin

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