Flowers at Rockefeller Greenhouse, Rockefeller Park, Cleveland, Ohio - 2010-01-08; 15:30

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 01/09/2010 - 03:00.

Orchid at Rockefeller Greenhouse Cleveland Ohio

Still images of flowers at the Rockefeller Greenhouse, Rockefeller Park, Cleveland, Ohio, realNEO

Date: 2010-01-08
Time: 15:30

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: AF-S Nikkor 18-70 mm f 3.5-4.5G ED DX

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thank you again, Norm

 the photos, the colors, the videos, bring peace to the brain, soothing away the harshness of winter and malice.

the Cleveland greenhouse

 I am headed over to the greenhouse this week for an hour or so to escape the Cleveland winter. The sun broke through briefly today. How many of us chased it hoping for a quick brain boost? The cold, the snow, and the forecast brings us all down. The greenhouse doesn't give the sun, but it sure gives peace and hope that spring will come. 

Cardinals singing

Okay--it's official woke up this morning to male cardinal song fest.  I feel the wet snow melting.  It's a sunny day.  Time to start being nice again in Cleveland :)  The Zoo Greenhouse is open today, too--Free MONDAY.

Cardinal in my backyard the

Cardinal in my backyard the other day...on my apple tree.  Wish I had a digital camera so I could have captured it on film.  Spring will be here soon.  It has been a long, hard winter for us.   A warmer climate is looking more and more enticing.  I forgot about free Mondays at the Zoo.  Thanks for the reminder. 

haven't seen the cardinals

hard to miss that red.

snowing again though.   

will keep a look out for those hopes of spring.

winter goes on and on

 It is snowing again. The roads are treacherous. My boiler has decided that it won't stay light so I have cold water radiators, and the HVAC people that I use don't do night call. I looked for a red wing blackbird today but didn't see one. The cardinals did come to eat today; they stay year round in my yard.

Aren't I a bundle of good cheer?

debwebb 'what kills you-doesn't make you stronger"

debwebb 'what kills you-doesn't make you stronger"


yogi and guy

debwebb we found a electric long heater we can deliver any time

debwebb we found a electric long heater we can deliver any time or you pick up

yogi and guy

also put bricks on gas stove burners low fire

also put bricks on gas stove  burners low fire

yogi and guy


Thanks. Just before I went out with the shovel to find the bricks, I tried the boiler again and it stayed on. My furnance guy called and told me to change the thermocouple. Once I figure out whatever that is, I am sure (hah) that everything will be fine. That will be the homework for tonight. Furnance guy says that he is very busy and a thermocouple is easy to change. I will use the internet for a diagram, and figure it out.


 done of few of those.

good luck.  not too hard, though the furnace here seems to go through two per season. 

Keep some bricks handy for

Keep some bricks handy for future use.  And get an electric heater as a backup.  Maybe try kerosene too...but I can't handle the odor of kerosene.

Let me know if you got it fixed.  If not I will call my son and try to get him to do a good deed.  He has been laying low lately and still owes his Dad the favor of putting in an electric outlet in our computer room.  He seems to be hiding so people don't ask him for help. But, he can be convinced to come out of hiding for an emergency.  (I think) So let me know.

We only have one outlet in that room, even though we had our electric "fixed" years ago using that 3% loan that was offered to bring homes in Cleveland up to code.  That was a joke.  One of the so called electricians that was sent to do the electrical work on our home almost electrocuted himself.  If I remember right we signed off on the work just to get rid of them. 

Hope you are staying warm somehow.  For real...let me know if you need help putting in that thermocoupler. 

Oh boy, that is not good

Oh boy, that is not good news about your boiler.  My youngest son has a home that uses water radiators too.   Do you have to use a certan HVAC company?  My oldest son works for a heating and cooling company.  Now I forgot the name.  It has something like medical or MD in the name.  I think they work nights.  Anyway I'm not much help since I don't remember the name of the company.  I hope you have an alternate source of heat for your home.  We use an electric heater to keep one room warm enough to feel comfortable without wearing a winter coat, hat, and mittens, but we keep the thermostat for our furnace low in an attempt to keep the gas bill affordable.  Remember, we earn too much to be eligible for HEAP but not enough to afford to pay for enough gas to keep our home comfortably warm.  Just wanted to add to your bundle of good cheer.   LOL





kerosene heater


is something that was added  ~12 years ago.  (when East Dominion sent out notices we needed to choose our carrier.  not a good sign.)

comes in handy in a pinch.   don't need an electric outlet nearby.  also when the power goes out and the thermostat and furnace blower does not work - kerosene.

yes kerosene gets a bad rap.  there is a need to be responsible/use one's brain when using kerosene.  we have not found the odor to be prohibitive, nor are the fumes.  

only offering that when the power goes out, or the furnace breaks down, that has been a useful tool.

sorry to hear about the boiler.  hope you are staying warm and doing well.