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Thriving Communities - are you operating in a total disconnect?   

Please tell me how this image moves Cuyahoga County from "vacacy to vibrancy"?


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Yes on the total disconnect

Or are we in disconnect? Are we the ones not with the program to regrow a vibrant, hip, upper income city, that caters to, and networks with, the major institutions with their expanding campuses, and therefore, needs for newly constructed housing, followed by upper crust areas to play?


"We are convinced that this tool is an essential element in stabilizing our fragile cities. County land banks, technically called county land reutilization corporations, provide our counties with much-needed ability to quickly acquire foreclosed and vacant property. These land banks can safely hold a distressed property, clean its title, and prepare it for a better day. The goal is to secure vacant properties – which would otherwise attract crime, lower neighboring home values, and incur public services costs – so that they can be put to better use in the future."


Now, cleaning the title: why can this not be done (I assumed all taxes and other fees just disappear) and offer this for rehab at no cost? We had a thriving lease-purchase program a couple of decades ago. The goal was to turn low-income people into home owners. As the housing bubble grew, and rehab costs went up, this became unaffordable, but now, with all the empty houses, it really should be as viable as the option of "better use in the future".


YES....Plans for a GREEN CITY---require eradicating blight....

I concur...yes they are operating on a total disconnect.


Who cares about the families destroyed by the gentried version of a future Cleveland? Who cares about the homeless who continue to require sustainment via the entire underground philanthropic network (industry)? Keep these folks in such a state of confusion with these maligning legal games and prevent them from receiving equal access and equality at all levels of the constitution...and you have worn them so ragged, that they will run away so that you can gobble up their homes, support your excessive costs of sustainment as a not for profit administratively...and leave them to nothingness when it's all the time these families figure out what hit them, it's always too late and they have lost their will to fight...exceptional planning by these guys.....

From my perspective, the only thing thriving is the wallets of public servants and public agencies and not for profits and btw...the lawyers and contractors who get to do the work to make all this dog and pony crap appear to make sense to the public at large with their extortionist costs to rehab & revitalize the same community they imploded....

God forbid they allow REAL PEOPLE to have a chance at being involved....that would be too REALISTIC...... in an UNREALNEO.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"


Lots of green fields.......


frank giglio tremont cleveland Photo- Jeff Buster



102_crop.jpg Photo Gone Fishin

 Above photo of Frank Giglio's bed taken a few days prior to bulldozing.



 Photo Gone Fishin


Frank Giglio remains HOMELESS............

 Frank Giglio worked hard to purchase this property and it was MORTGAGE FREE when the thieves targeted Giglio.

WE R MOVIN - Against our will


Below is what happens to certain property owners that fail to timely pay property taxes:

053_crop_crop.jpgPhoto Gone Fishin

The victim leaving his home owned for nearly fifty years- for the last time.

083_crop.jpgPhoto Gone Fishin


080_crop.jpgPhoto Gone Fishin


SEE ABOVE- Several payments made in an attempt to keep family home owned for over 50 years -which includes a $5,000 payment.


Unfortunately, due to the victim's mental health status, he was not fully aware of what was about to happen and did not pack or move any of his belongings prior to the knock on his door.

And this man was ALONE until complete strangers showed up to help and rent the U-Haul for him:


022_crop.jpgPhoto Gone Fishin

043_crop.jpg Photo Gone Fishin

026_crop.jpg Gone Fishin

Have you ever seen a grown man cry?

021_crop_crop.jpgPhoto Gone Fishin


Full story relative to above photos here


And to think that those responsible for targeting folks delinquent with paying property taxes - and causing both men above to become homeless and remain homeless years later- is ABOVE paying his own taxes:


Does Gus Frangos, President of the Land Bank, deserve to be foreclosed upon?


That worker testified to that effect (Judgement entry, Cuyahoga County Court, Juvenile Court, Case no. SU11703939). This is public record. Here is the interesting part:

The Court finds that the Plaintiff testified that he worked as a self-employed agent for Gus Frangous and that he oversaw and collected rentals for his properties. He testified that he worked at the properties at 6311 St. Clair, at 1168 and 1160 East 61st Street, and at two sublots on Queen Court, and that he is not the owner of those properties. He testified that Mr. Frangos did not quit-claim those properties to him nor did he go to Court for evictions proceedings as the owner. He testified that he never had any ownership interest in the properties through an LLC or otherwise. He testified that he did not receive rental income from the properties. He testified that he was no longer working for Mr. Frangous and the last time that he collected rents for him was six months ago. He testified that his last reported income from Mr. Fangous was on his 2010 tax return as part of his self-employment income with his construction company. He testified that he earned $10,000 in 2010 through his construction company and some from Mr. Frangous. He offered his 2010 tax return into evidence which was admitted. He offered copies of deeds of the properties into evidence which were admitted.

Copy of Mortgage Deed signed by Gus Frangos, MEMBER of 6311 St Clair :







Primary Owner of the property located at 6311 St Clair is 6311 St Clair, LLC.

Gus Frangos incorporated 6311 St Clair LLC and named Ladon Ruffin as the agent.

Ladon Ruffin swore under oath that he has no financial connection to this property and only collects rent money and hands over the rent money to Gus Frangos.

Property Taxes delinquent since 2008

Current property taxes owed $ 4,655.06

Previous owner GUS FRANGOS prior to the transfer to the LLC in 2003. On December 1, 2008, Gus Frangos signed the mortgage deed as being a member of 6311 St Clair LLC.

AND MORE.......  Gus Frangos- Member Quinn Court Properties:







 Gus Frangos - MEMBER 1188 East 61st Street Apartments:



And Gus Frangos, President of Cuyahoga County Land Bank, gets a FREE PASS on his delinquent property taxes.

No sell out to lien companies, no extra fees, 18% interest, no penalty to pay.

Gus Frangos will probably receive an award for all of this