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Desiree Schmitt Wow, the Sloane/Justus family are a great big group of a-holes! Blowing of commercial grade fireworks in the church lot next door! My roofs and the neighboring roofs could have been hit! They are just 20 feet away and the police don't answer! Like · · Share · Thursday at 9:53pm near Cleveland · • • Jay Echols likes this. • Amy Casey yikes Thursday at 9:58pm · Like • Desiree Schmitt *off Thursday at 9:59pm · Like • Desiree Schmitt I cannot believe the Father is putting up with this! Thursday at 10:29pm · Like • Angie Balbo I thought the Sloanes were long gone. Guess they didn't get bought out. You should see the shit over here. Dave buys those places where the meth lab used to be across from your old place, and the neighbors that lived to the left, and put up with that for years, are blowing up crap that's shaking my house and also landing hot ash on everything. Morons. Thursday at 10:42pm · Like • Desiree Schmitt There are two Sloanes across the street. The rest have moved. I guess this is one of Jerleen's loving, family gatherings that she used to write about when she said The Gospel Press developers were ruining their lives and ripping family memories apart and depriving them of future, loving, happy family gatherings!. Do you have a tissue? I'm all choked up! Thursday at 10:47pm · Like · 1 • Angie Balbo Jerleen? Sorry. I love those names. None of her kids lived anywhere near Gospel Press. Chris lived on 10th by Fat Cats, and one of them lived on 14th and Starkweather. Tommy lived down this way. Troy can tell you. Thursday at 10:55pm · Like • Desiree Schmitt She used to be two doors down from me with her mother, Marshall and Vickey until they lost the house in foreclosure. Ben was there for awhile and moved to the mid-west side. Two other siblings live across the street. Troy drove by and checked it out tonight. Thursday at 11:00pm · Like • Angie Balbo It's finally over here. Thursday at 11:04pm · Like • Desiree Schmitt Not here.. How do they afford it? Thursday at 11:08pm · Like • Angie Balbo I hear them...I spoke too soon. Thursday at 11:09pm · Like • Desiree Schmitt i'm actually afraid to leave my house and I need to drop off my laptop to Ryan who just started working when all this crap started! I'm over two hours late and counting! Ugh! Thursday at 11:10pm · Like • Desiree Schmitt and just more proof that Jerleen is chock full of hypocritical BS and nothing but a bully! Thursday at 11:14pm · Like • Frank Mills be glad you don't live where they're legal ... it was like i was in the middle of a battlefield with mortars going off all around me in the sky until about 12:30 am. 18 hours ago · Like • Write a comment... In response to the above noted facebook comments posted by Desiree Schmidt and others: Desiree must clearly be smokin' from a bad batch. The entire "Justus" family - myself, my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren spent the entire day, 4th of July, on West 69th Street. My mom, sisters, a few nieces and their children were also here until midnight. There are hundreds of photos circulating around that can clear us of being any where near the church lot. Every family on this street B-B-Qed on Thursday. There were dozens of cornhole games going on in almost everybody's driveway. It was a fantastic party and fireworks display. It was a really great family night. My sister Sandy handed out necklaces that glowed in the dark to the kids and glittered Uncle Sam hats to some of the grown ups. TWO really generous gentleman stopped the ice cream truck and bought every child and even adults an ice cream of their choice. There were so many the truck had to pull over and park. People invited family, friends and friends of friends to come share all the food, festivities and clean up. In other words, they partied like it was "2013." Councilman Matt Zone, his wife Michelle and dog Geno made a number of rounds up and down the street, stopping and talking to everybody. It was a grand day in the neighborhood. Desiree should get her facts lined up before she starts blabbing. As far as the foreclosure goes, I believe that Ms. Schmidt was in that pickle for awhile herself. I don't know who was in the Church lot - may have been some relations but I am not my kin's keeper. All-in-all, as I look out my kitchen window, gazing out over the lake and reflecting, I realize it's been over a year since we moved and I am not one bit sorry. In regard to the hypocritical crap - look whose talkin'

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Tell em, Cousin Jerleen

Personally, I like the good ole days when we normal hillbillys lived on the "SouthSide".


I would rather have all my teeth pulled - at once - than deal with the uppitys in Tremont who stole OUR Southside.

If the uppitys don't like what we do in OUR hood, they can go back where they came from.  They were  NOT invited in the first place.

I thought that I was in the middle of a  war zone on the 4th of July - like I do EVERY 4th of July- but I didn't even waste my time looking out the window to see if any of Jerleen's family was outside.

I just knew it was Jerleen and her damn family again.

 After Jerleen and her damn family blew up the church's parking lot , they came over to my hood.  I could hear Jerleen, Bo and Vickie hollering in between the commercial firework booms and bangs.

 They ain't fooling me.  I'm not buying that icecream truck bullshit.

I highly doubt if any street in Cleveland was not lighting off fireworks.  Jerleen's white trash family was really busy blowing up very street on the east side and west side of town - two sides of town AT ONCE!

Those damn hillbillys sure are talented.  

If the commercial fireworks are that bothersome, I noticed a couple of nice houses for sale in Bay Village.

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i think itwas sophia&guy those terroist blowingup tremont-parody

sophia honey yoga and guy -

Guy and Sophia were in on bombing the hood too

I heard Guy laughing and Sophia barking when Jerleen's trashy family bombed my hood.

Guy and Sophia were in on this too.

You all are NOT fooling me.

Guy will probably claim he was standing in line with Sophia at the icecream truck, but I know better.

I am NOT falling for his story either.


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lilys doing a parody on sophia & guy & jerleen per comment funny

sophia honey yoga and guy -

Jerleen is my cousin

Trashing Jerleen's "A-hole" family includes me!

We are  used to being trashed.  No big deal.   We laugh about it.

I threw Guy and Sophia in for good measure.  

A joke - like our family.


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sophia honey yoga and guy -

I thought it was pretty

I thought it was pretty funny myself. Apparently, I've been missed. Maybe I should re-visit the "hood."


sophia honey yoga and guy -

you might be on to something

There are no parking spots in Tremont.

Blowing up the Church sounds logical.


Nah,,,, I still believe Jerleen and that damn no good for nothing Sloan family is behind the commercial fireworks.  


You know how Jerleen and her family are, Guy.  They are a great big group of a-holes!



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Drag races on Quigley

I miss Jerleen in Tremont, too - the fine folks in the Tremont have been sanitized for sure.  We broke down in our car last night and were towed-rescued by Keith, who grew up on the Southside (he huffed when I called it Tremont) - but now lives in Hartville - renting a house with eighty acres for the price of a rental in Tremont. I didn't get into it with him - but he mentioned how the City always owns your house - and can take it from you for a few months of back I am going to assume he lost his house to foreclosure through tax lien sales.

Keith went to Lincoln West high school and reminesced about drag racing with his teenage friends on Quigley Ave. while growing up - he is married with kids, but I could see the bad boy tattoos on his arms from his days as an "outlaw."  

Quigley & Southside

The old Southside was cool.  Lots of fond memories for me.

My cousins Bo & Vickie Sloan, myself, and numerous others " A-holes " (as we are referred)  would go to Quigley nearly every weekend.  When the cops showed up, we would all run in different directions so they couldn't catch all of us.

Gentrification.    Selective code enforcement and tax lien foreclosures.  

Many of us hillbillys that lived in that area are going back home- to the hills- where we can live cheaper and not put up with shit.

A mass hillbilly exit will leave this area a further ghost town.  

Hillbillys have been in this area for a long time.  I traced my "A hole"  family to this area in the late 1800's and  history showed they were farmers and owned lots of property here.

They probably lit off fireworks back in the late 1800's too!

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Love you, Jerleen, Lily

I believe many of the newcomers to Tremont, where I have owned a home since 1985 and lived until November, 2012, behave in an un-Christian way to the long time residents and treat them poorly. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Somehow, they seem to think because their homes are more expensive, they are better. What nonsense! And many try to turn the area they moved to into a carbon copy of what they left. Trying to get rid of Angel's car repair and towing. What a blessing to have him so close!

Many are becoming big frogs in this little pond. I bet where they came from they were tadpoles.

I do hope they consider me a hillbilly too. I want to be lumped in with Jerleen and Lily, and Dianna, and Guy and all the other long time residents. Henry, too if they are calling him a hillbilly.

Technically, they might not: I have a M.A. and an M.B.A. My father's family came here before the American Revolution. The first Hinkle to come over founded the first Lutheran church in what is now Philadelphia, there is a Revolutionary War Hinkle Fort named after another ancestor.

We did have money once. My grandfather was chairman of a bank that failed in the Great Depresssion. He was so distressed at losing the money entrusted to the bank by the people, most of whom he was related to one way or the other, he put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

My father had a college degree in the 20's, when many did not finish high school (my mother needed only two years of college to teach).  The family dairy farm was lost, dad was happy to get a job driving a milk truck. "Any job is a good job when times are bad," he said. He lost some jobs because he refused to lie. He told me it was a blessing in disguise, because the firms failed, he would never have had any pension from them, but he got a government pension later, which increased with inflation. I, too, would have advanced further than Assistance V.P. in International Banking if I had been willing to go along to get along.

He later got a job with Soil Conservation, which he taught, and later became the head of the county Soil Conservation Service (remained a GS-4, though, too many others for him to get promoted higher. Now a college degree gets beginners a GS-4 or 5.)

His trainees thought the world of him. People came to him for help and advice and none were refused.

He farmed before work, after work, and weekends.

The farm we moved to had no indoor plumbing and there were huge gullies on the land. He put in plumbing, renovated the house a little at a time after saving the money to pay for it, filled in the gullies, contoured the land, and planted birds-foot trefoil for hay.

People would drive by to check out what he was doing and see that what he was recommending made sense.

He was an Elder of his church and Sunday School Superintendent.

He saved his money and so when interest rates skyrocketed in the 80's, instead of being in trouble paying variable rate loans, he invested in five-year CD's at 15%. Dad was proud that, although he had once lost everything (he even had to go live with his mother-in-law), there was $400-500 thousand to be left to his daughters, after dividing his savings equally between himself and his wife. (She got a CD in her name, the next in his name, then her name, etc.)

He was a fine man, his word was his bond and everyone knew it. He was like a rock. I am proud of him.

Some are already calling our times or the coming, sure as has happened to every other country that prints money like mad, The Greater Depression. When it hits the fan, I fear many will not do as well. The lessons of hard work and thrift seem to have been lose.

His (and mom's) lessons of thrift were passed on to me, a good thing, too, since my brain lesion forced me to take disability retirement sooner than I planned, so I have to live on less that I might otherwise have.

I am sure in this instance both my father and mother, who would never have behaved as many of these newcomers do, would want to be called hillbillies, as a badge of honor.

Love you all!


A Badge of Honor...."IGNORANT HILLBILLIES".....

Dear Roser; 

1) You are an "IGNORANT HILLBILLY" because, like oil and water, you don't know how to meld with the corrupt and remain with know how to disperse like the purist of hearts and with clarity of choose just as unpolluted mountain spring water. 


2) Beautiful writing about your father...lessons to be learned and appreciated....

3) Keeping it simple...that is what you've done....proud, hillbillies know how to KISS....not to lick ass as the gentrified edumacated folks do.

4) So; no matter how muddy the waters get; remain steadfast that you are forever a good old fashioned hillbilly in our books & hearts. 

5) Don't ever hold your breath trying to "teach them smarty pants" gentrified folks a thing about living without running water...their stench from running water is far yuckier than most...and it makes them easy to pick in the crowd.... the odors from Taste of Tremont are not all "delicious"....some would make you gag and puick...but God is good and he gives us signs all the time to help us filter out the trash...


6) If all else fails; do the "two step" and get back to your roots; all the anxiety associated with becoming toxic like them ugly folks that toot their horns in Tremont is unnecessary.... Be glad to watch them disperse in total chaos in their brains as your enter the area....enjoy your pure heart as the rest of us do...................GOD BLESS! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Welcome to Our Hillbilly Family

You are a bit too smart and don't necessarily meet their definition of 'Stupid Hillbilly" like the rest of us, but we will accept you anyway.

One day we will all get together for a good ole fashioned ' Hootenanny'.

This is cousin Jethrow.  He's the good looking one in our family.  

I've had the hots for cousin Jethrow since I was five years old!
I just love his smile.

Jethrow is the King of Fireworks!

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Degrees don't mean you are smart. You all are very smart.

You can put yourself down in fun, but don't believe it yourself. You are all very smart people. Your couldn't do the jobs you do and have done and uncovered all you have uncovered otherwise.

You know what honor means, few do now, it seems.

You love your neighbors as yourselves.

You have common sense, which is uncommon.

"Booklearning" doesn't make you necessarily well educated. My nephew has some college, I don't know if he got the associates degree or not. He acts, deliberately, like a redneck "good old boy," but is highly educated. He is so because he has asked many questions of older people all his life, has a wide circle of friends, and is extremely well read on a wide number of issues.

I put myself, and my first husband, through college by working as a secretary. When I was secretary to the Theatre and Drama Dept. Chairman, I told a famous professor there, who had written "the" book on theatre, that I thought it was funny that some of the students in the department had remarked that I, a girl from a small farm outside a small town in the rural Bible Belt, was "sophisticated." It seemed to me that actors and those from big cities such as New York would be so described.

I can't remember exactly how he worded it, but it was something to the effect that I was and they were not because they were narrow in their reading, thinking and learning and added that therefore they would not be good actors in the long run.

Uncommon virtues you all have as well, the virtues celebrated in a simpler time by Rudyard Kipling.

In "If", for example:

"IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,...

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:"

and it concludes

"Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!'

His poem "Gunga Din" concludes

“Tho' I've belted you and flayed you,
By the livin' Gawd that made you,
You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!”


I don't know that those who call us (my thanks for including me the family, you all know I love you all,) hillbillies will come to realize that you are the better (wo)men, but they should. You are.

Love you all.