Revenue Harvesting the People - trash collection in Cleveland, Ohio

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The phase “Revenue Harvesting the People” is an apt description of the philosophy behind the newly put-in-place City of Cleveland trash pick up system.
Instead, Cleveland’s system will revenue harvest the unsuspecting Cleveland citizenry. 
Cleveland’s web site says that the City will benefit from “Increased participation in recycling and revenues” and “Reduction in waste disposal cost” 
Presently the City pays $33/ton to dispose of refuse and the City receives $27/ton for recycled plastic, metal, etc. Every ton moved from the refuse disposal column to the recycled column brings and additional $60.00 cash to the city. 
The City has chosen to take the revenue themselves, and not provide any revenue to the citizen who produces the trash and recyclables.
In Philadelphia, the revenue from recycling goes to the citizen, thus incentivizing citizens to separate recyclables from other trash.
But it gets better.     Cleveland's Commissioner of Waste, Ron Owens explained on the radio show Living on Earth that with the rfid chips embedded in the plastic trash containers, the computer on the trash truck can instantly tell when the container was last picked up.   If the recycling container hasn’t been picked up for a few weeks, the truck operator can assume that the homeowner isn’t separating the recyclables from the trash – and then the operator can go through the trash, find recylables, and fine the homeowner $100.00!   Bingo! Cleveland scores! Harvesting the People! 
The truck also has the capability of weighing each container as it is lifted and dumped, so the exact weight disposed by each household can be monitored. Get ready, soon you will be billed by weight.  
Bait and switch.   Not much bait here. Plenty of switch.
Charlotte, N.C. has a similar trash pick up system but with smaller plastic bins.    You can see the location of the rfid chip in the Charlotte bins in this link.
Another question I would ask is why these mass produced vacuum molded plastic bins cost $100.00 each. Cleveland is getting 25,000 bins for 2.5 million. That looks like $100 each.   In Cincinnati four potential suppliers responded to that cities RFP. The potential suppliers were Otto, Cascade, Toter, and Rehrig Pacific. Read the Cincinnati RFP pdf here.
Bins with rfid have been used in Europe for almost a decade. County Cork, Ireland lists the following as beneficial aspects of the system:
      The installation of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips on 38,000 standardised wheeled bins.
      The installation of Weighing and Identification Systems on 18 refuse collection vehicles.
      GPS (Global Position Satellite) Tracking and Digital Mapping.
      Bi-directional GSM communication between the trucks and the back-office system.
      The development, installation and integration of a management back office system.
The advantages for Cork County Council of implementing this system:
      Ability to charge by weight (previously a fixed charge was levied to all customers regardless of the weight or quantity of waste collected).
     Allows complete traceability on all customers.
      Ability to monitor customer behaviour.
      Complete inventory check on all customers (i.e. Trucks would no longer collect unregistered bins/containers).
      Ability to trace missing or stolen containers.
      Ability to trace and monitor the efficiency of all vehicles.
      Improved Route Planning.


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Here they make us pick all the food out of our garbage

here they make us pick all the food out of our garbage and make us pay 'em to do it! I never seen nothing like it my poor neice has to pick out her food scraps and put them in separate trash bins and they want to make the fees higher to pay for it! They want you to mix it with your leaves and grass and make it separate and then they say now they are only coming once every two weeks!! You all dont have it so bad.

God Bless it.

Composting the Food & Recycling the Trash

...are a way of life for most folks who live in the country...

Our deer, racoons, and wild animals eat well...

Our kids know that newspaper ignites winter fires that keep our homes warm.

Our kids know that aluminum is recycled...even down to wrappers from candybars.

Our kids know that wood keeps us warm in the winter...

Our kids know that steel is also recyclable and can earn them money for gas.

Our kids know that old food feeds the animals.

Our kids know that canned food cans don't get put in the garbage....but in the recycle bags.

Our kids know that old clothes that are still in decent condition go to the church for the needy.

Our kids know that used items get put up for some usage later...but rarely hit the garbage can.

Our kids know that used tires make great swings....

Our kids know that compost from food feeds their garden which feeds the family.

Our kids know that leftovers of all kinds and sorts get recycled.

Our kids know to recycle snow into water to flush toilets in the winter and keep the buckets full during the rest of the year just in case the "well goes out..." 

Our kids know that plastic jugs get filled with water for those same emergencies...

Our kids know that plastic pop bottles get filled with water from the Spring too....

...yet...we are just a bunch of ignorant hillbillies...

And when our clothes are worn thin, we recycle them with other old clothes... or we make quilts out of them... to keep us warm! 

Boxes are used to store old photos and valuables....

Bibles are used to keep records of significant family days....

Stories are recycled by elders to keep traditions and history alive.

Old spoons are used to make are old wash tubs, sticks, and strings for the bass drum...

Our lives depend on recycling the good, the bad, and even the waste...which feeds our leach beds! 

...yet...we are just a bunch of ignorant hillibillies....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Oh now, isn't that the truth, Angel!

Now they do alot of that here my neice's neighbor has a fence made out of old bike tires but someway the city here figures how to charge you for it! and here they have a name for all of that they call it "repurpose" Im not sure what all that means we just used to call it being poor.

You are a very good writer Angel you should write your book.

Thank you, KY Betty!

My brother was the worst example of recycling in this City... He like recycling automobiles, car parts, bicycles, toys, old furniture, and much more... but those city folks didn't like the "Garbage" he collected & recycled in the backyard... It wasn't "pretty"...

 His garden was considered weeds while their community gardens are exploited as great....

But those community gardens with plastic bottle statues, wood, painted tires, and much more are okay.... comedy....

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

don't know which is the worst

in collection of waste that is really not waste - grrrr.

The people who work in industries that discard people's belongings when they evict them, the gov officials like APS or sheriffs in their routines, or others  when cleaning out a house or apt. after a death or even when two combine houses to one in marrage or due to needing 'room - mates', or needing to move back home,  it is really IMO  the clients of the many sized

dumpster companies that are the TRUE PEOPLE THAT WASTE THE MOST

Tons are placed into the landfill each year on items that are NOT waste.

When my husband was alive, we used to have a demolition company division, and when taking our trucks to the landfill, the things we saw that people threw out.. tisk tisk. People in China would give their little finger for!!


Even in our crime scene cleanup division, we do alot of hoarder houses - people who just have too much disposable income and nothing much to spend it on. So they buy, 2-3 or more of the same things, and waste money on their spending on gifts they never give. We order dumpsters and toss much (simply because there is no time to or space to take care of it all) that needn't end up in the landfill. I am sure the employees at the landfill go home daily with 'goodies' as the men on the trash route as well. But their homes can only hold so much too.

The idea of the cities raking it in off of the garbage truck's customers, sad, and yes, it is going to get worse too.

But, they don't go after the biggest landfill customers (dumpster companies) wonder why that is?

But, the cities say they are broke, and they need the funds, and that is how they intend to get it, revenue farming the people.



Important to understand all of us have been lie too and the given the biggest Con job in history.  The States are not broke.  It is time to take action and I am not talking about the ballot box!

TRUTH:  All 50 states have been overcharging their citizens with taxes "in excess of needs" .. and hiding it in the Bank of New York in multiple accounts.

The information about the Investment accounts are available to the Public via the State Treasurer's Office in what is entitled, "Local Government Investment Pool"

I did this research in 1998, because I read an article by Walter Burien about it.  I have copies of my school CAFR, my county CAFR, my city CAFR and the state CAFR.  I found the investment pool, and it took two attempts before the officials would give me a copy of the document.  It exists.  I had the State Treasurer pull 6 months of all the county's CAFR accounts, to see the activity.  I have a faxed response about the location of those funds.  I am telling you something very serious, very documented, and very dangerous.

All school districts, counties, cities, and state organizations may put aside these funds into accounts.

in 1998, Aiken County schools had $27 million tucked away from use . . and was demanding higher property taxes for more funds.  I have copies of those accounts, along with their names.  Of course, once discovered, the accounts disappear, and the names of the accounts are changed when new accounts are opened. It has become a shell game.

Legislators VEHEMENTLY deny they exist . . even when one hands them a copy of the State's own publication.

So . . there is a big lie by state governments told against their own people . . the states are not bankrupt.  Their funds are hidden.  No one has accountability for the interest made off the Bank of New York, nor do they use the money for the citizens.

One man discovered it and his life was threatened, all three of his children have been taken from him, and he merely told the truth.

America, your money to save the nation is over $64 TRILLION and is in the Bank of New York. 

Go get it.  The following link will get you started with your search:

Sincerely reporting,, name with-held[//]

so the worst is the lying, Betty



The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?