Rick Nagin: Unity can build strong community

Submitted by talbano on Tue, 07/28/2009 - 17:53.

Dear Friends,

We need to unite the new Ward 14 and build a strong community.

I am proud that we are the most diverse ward in Cleveland and with your help I hope to draw on the strengths and experiences of people from every culture.

We are an overwhelmingly working class community and with the help of our unions I intend to draw on the skills, commitment and solidarity of working people.

We are a progressive community and I hope to draw on the talents and ideals of our many professionals and religious leaders who seek brotherhood and social justice.

We face tremendous challenges, but we also have unique resources, including MetroHealth, Merrick House, Art House, the Boys and Girls Club, the San Lorenzo and Yaucana Clubs that provide health, educational, and cultural opportunities.

With stronger leadership we can nurture and protect the crown jewel of Lincoln West and the many elementary schools that educate our children.

For over thirty years I have lived, raised a family and worked in this community. I am committed to realizing the great potential of Ward 14. I hope you will join me!

Rick Nagin

Rick  Nagin

Democratic Candidate for

Ward 14


Council forums are needed

For all of the hotly debated council seats--the primary election is often overlooked.

This will take place on Tuesday, September 8-- followed by the General Election on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Contact the Board of Elections for your VOTE BY MAIL option.

Terrie--do you know whether a Ward 14 debate is in the works?